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Graduate Program Degree Requirements

Sociology Graduate Program

Graduate Classes, Electives, and
Course Rotation Schedule
Effective Fall 2013

Effective Fall 2014, students may select one of two degree tracks:

  1. Comprehensive Exam Track Degree Plan
  2. Thesis Track Degree Plan
  3. Professional Paper Degree Plan (phasing out Spring 2014)

Students deficient in Undergraduate Research Methods and/or Statistics must fulfill these requirements before enrolling in graduate program. Please email questions to the Director of Graduate Studies.

Students pursuing a masters degree in Sociology (regardless of track option) must take the following core courses: SOCI 5310, 5312, and 5414.



SOCI 5310—Seminar in Sociological Theory Every Semester
SOCI 5312—Seminar in Sociological Research

Every Semester (except Summer)

SOCI 5414—Social Statistics Every Semester (except Summer)
SOCI 6398*—Thesis Practicum (Professional Paper Development) Every Semester (except Summer)

*Beginning in the Fall 2014 student may select either the Thesis or Comprehensive Exam track.


I. Environment & Social Change and Development

SOCI 5324—Social Change & Development Odd year Spring
SOCI 5351—Environmental Sociology Odd year Fall
SOCI 5320—Sociology of Community Even year Spring
SOCI 5338—Sociology of Disaster Even year Fall

II. Stratification

SOCI 5355—Social Inequality Even year Fall
SOCI 5337—Gender & Society Even year Spring
SOCI 5353—Race & Ethnic Studies Odd year Fall
SOCI 5335—Sociology of Aging Odd year Spring

III. Culture & Institutions

SOCI 5333—Sociology of Religion Even year Fall
SOCI 5331—Sociology of Family Odd year Spring
SOCI 5322—Medical Sociology Even year Spring

IV. Applied Sociology

SOCI 5378—Research Proposal Writing in the Social Sciences Odd year Fall
SOCI 5380—Social Impact Assessment & Program Evaluation Even year Spring
SOCI 5376—Applied Research Methods Even year Fall
SOCI 5313—Qualitative Research Methods Odd Year Spring


For more information on the online Sociology Graduate program, contact socgradprogram@shsu.edu

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For students who enrolled prior to Spring 2011, degree requirements can be found here.

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