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Fall 2014 Course Offerings & Required Books

Fall 2014 Sociology Course Offerings & Required Books

Undergraduate Equivalent Courses*


Undergraduate Online Social Statistics*

Required Books:

  • TBD


Undergraduate Online Research Methods in Sociology*

Required Book:


Undergraduate Online Sociological Theory*

Required Book:

*These courses are designed to provide graduate students with background knowledge in core sociological areas. These undergraduate courses are not mandatory, but recommended for students who do not have prior knowledge of sociological statistics, research methods, and/or theory. Undergraduate courses do not count towards the MA degree.


Fall 2014 Graduate Degree Courses


Seminar in Sociological Theory

Required Books:


Seminar in Sociological Research

Required Books:

  • Approaches to Social Research. 4th or 5th Edition. - By: Singleton and Straits (ISBN: 9780195147940 or 9780195372984)
  • Research Design. - By: Cresswell (ISBN: 9781452226101)


Social Statistics

Required Books:


Sociology of Religion

Required Books:


Seminar in Social Inequality

Required Book:

  • Social Stratification: Class, Race & Gender in Sociological Perspective. 4th Edition - Grusky (ISBN: 9780813346717)

Recommended Book:

  • American Sociological Association Style Guide. 4th Edition - American Sociological Association (ISBN: 9780912764313)


Applied Research Methods

Required Books:


Thesis Practicum

Required Books:

  • TBD

Seminar in Sociology (Sociology of Disaster)***

***This course is designed to apply sociological analyses to the investigation of disasters. Disasters will be examined in terms of their origins and social impacts. The course will also explore the social dynamics that create risk of, and vulnerability to, disasters.

Required Books:

  • The Human Side of Disaster. 2013. - By: Drabek (ISBN: 9781466506855)
  • A New Species of Trouble: The Human Experience of Modern Disaster. 1994. - By: Erikson (ISBN: 0393313190)


Seminar in Sociology (Sociology of Culture)****

Required Book:

  • Mix It Up: Popular Culture, Mass Media, and Society - By: Grazian (ISBN: 9780393929522)

****This course examines culture from the sociological perspective, forms and modifications of culture, its elements and the hierarchy, events and artifacts in their relation to the social structure and social change. The course takes students through the classic and modern theories of culture, introduces them to major sociological methods of cultural analysis, and helps them learn to apply the theories, and to analyze a variety of socio-cultural phenomena, such as inequality, social emotion, gender, health, and other.

For more information on how to register: http://www.shsu.edu/dept/registrar/students/registration/how-to.html



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