The 18th Annual Sammys

hosted by Sam Houston State University and the Department of Student Activities, is the official ceremony that recognizes SHSU's outstanding student leaders and organizations.

In the past, the Sammys have been specifically directed toward student organizations, their leaders and various other student leaders. However, recently we adjusted the structure of the awards ceremony to include an award from each of the six colleges at SHSU, where an outstanding student from that college will be nominated by their professors and chosen by their respective dean.

We encourage your participation and support of the Sammys. It is a wonderful opportunity for all to recognize the amazing students that SHSU has to offer.

Sixteen individual and organizational awards which require nominations from members of the University community at large.

Sammy Awards, which also require nominations from the University community. These prestigious awards will be presented to approximately four graduating students and faculty/staff members for outstanding contributions and service to the university.

Six individual awards representing an outstanding student from each of the six colleges at SHSU. These nominations are strictly made from members of the SHSU faculty within each student's particular college, and recognize excellence in service to his/her college.