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Academic Support Programs

Monitored Academic Progress (MAP)

Students who have been suspended must be reinstated by their academic deans in order to return to or stay in school.  These students re-enter on probationary status and are referred to the SAM Center for mandatory help and individual monitoring of their academic progress.

In addition to attending a 6-week group study skills series, individual assistance is provided to each mentored student. In general, mentors will review study skills strategies and encourage students to seek out tutoring as well as talk to their professors. Twice a semester, students will submit a grade check form, which serves as an official grade report from each professor. This allows mentors to monitor each students performance and implement any new strategies as necessary.

If you have any questions about this program, please call or email one of us as follows:

Janet Fair

Margaret Ferguson

John Jordan

Amber Sechelski

Marsha Phillips


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