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Graduate School Application Checklist

At this point, it is assumed that you are confident in the decision that graduate school is the next step in your educational career.  The purpose of this checklist is to guide you through the application process and allow you to eliminate tasks as they are completed.


Download copy: Word


1. Request program and financial aid applications from the schools to which you have decided to apply.


2. Make a folder for each university.


3. In each folder, include an index card that has a checklist of all thematerials needed for that school and their deadlines.


4. Fill out applications and place them in the corresponding folder.


5. Register for the appropriate graduate entrance exam(s); STUDY!


6. Send in GRE registration fees.


7. Take the earliest possible GRE (that you can be prepared for) in case you need to retake it to improve your scores.


8. Complete your personal statement.


9. Get your personal statement proofread by someone else (preferably a faculty member).


10. Ask at least three faculty members to write letters of recommendation.


11. Request transcripts for faculty members.


12. Provide faculty members with a recommendation letter folder that includes your personal statement, transcripts, test scores, recommendation forms from the universities, an addressed, stamped envelope for each university , and the deadlines (at least a week before the actual application deadline ).


13. Put final draft of personal statements in each folder.


14. Place application fees or fee waivers in the appropriate folder.


15. Request transcripts from current and previous universities.


16. Mail/deliver thank you notes to faculty members who wrote your letters.


17. Visit schools/attend interviews if asked.


18. Accept/Decline offers (usually by April 15).

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