FY 2012

Enhancement Research Grants:

Chapman, Scott
"Higher Factorization Properties of Arithmetic Congruence Monoids"

Fuller, Matthew
"The Survey of Assessment Culture"

Hargrave, Chad
"Ecosystem Effects of Fishes in a Warming Climate"

Lewis, Patrick
"Describing the Skull of Zygaspis Quadrifrons Using HRXCT"

Liu, Qinzhong
"Preserving Smartphone Privacy and Security through Undetectable Steganography"

Massingill, Ruth
"Knowledge is Power!  HIV/AIDS Perceptions and Choices"

Miller, Audrey
"Posttraumatic Growth Narratives in an Ethnically Diverse Sample"

Shashidhar, Narasimha
"Secure Patch Destribution over Peer-to-Peer Networks"

Strader, Annie
"The Trailer: Bringing Art to Underserved Populations"

Wang, Jianzhong  
"Contracting Kernel Method for Classification of Hyperspectral Images"


FY 2012

Faculty Research Grants:

Boccaccini, Marcus
"Texas Norms for the Static-99 and Static-99R"

Garcia-Puente, Luis
"Rational Linear Precision of Toric Bézier Volumes"

Knight, Kelly
"Intergenerational Continuity of Drug Use"

Liang, Gang
"Study of Li3VS(PO4)3-based Materials for Future Lithium-ion Batteries"

Lynne, Aaron
"Sequencing a Novel Virulence Plasmid in Salmonella"

 Neudorf, Diane
"Fledgling Survival in Urban and Forested Ecosystems"

 Nobles, Matt
"Analysis of Historical Data on Houston-area Environmental Crimes"

 Quast, Troy
"Health care Provided to Hurricane Katrina Evacuees"

 Rowe, Matthew
"Molecular Coevolution between Grasshopper Mice and Bark Scorpions"

 Varol, Cihan
"Three Dimensional Modeling and Simulation of Stress Incontinence"