FY 2011

Enhancement Research Grants:

Demson, Michael

"Agrarian Politics and Romantic Literature"

Fang, Hui
"Nanostructured LiFePO4 Cathode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries"

Fox, Kate
"Desistance from Crime among Gang Members"

Hill, Joseph 
"Detritral Zircon Study of the Central Appalachian Piedmont"

Konefal, Jason 
"Improving Modes of Regulation in the Food System"

Liang, Gan 
"Gold Nanoshells Coated Silica-SPIO for Photothermal Cancer Therapy"

Liu, Qingzhong 
"Hybrid Intelligent Digital Forensics Systems on Multimedia Data"

Lynne, Aaron 
"Microbial Metagenomic Analysis of Human Decomposition"

Miller, Audrey
"Personality and Perceived "Mental Defect" Relevance to Insanity"

Walker, Joel
"No Scale Flipped SU (5)"


FY 2011

Faculty Research Grants:

Borcherding, Kate 
"Predictive System for Color in Interdisciplinary Mid-fire Ceramics"

Crane, Jeff 
"All this over Grass? The contested Powder River …"

Gu, Qiammon
"The impact of outsourcing on host economy"

Kaukonen, Scott
"Väinämöinen’s Dream (a novel)"

Lewis, Patrick
"Excavation and Analysis of the Driefontein Microfauna"

Nelson, David
"Stress and Pain in College Students"

Neudorf, Diane
"Fledgling survival in urban and forested ecosystems"

Nobles, Matt
"Biosocial stalking indicators in a college student sample"

Swim, Edward
"Coupled Mixed Finite Element Methods for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems"

Triano-Lopez, Manuel
"The lexical purification of Spanish Romani"

Ulbig, Stacey
"Media Coverage and the Electoral Impact of Vice Presidential Candidates"