FY 2010

Enhancement Research Grants

Bebout, Lee
"Whiteness on the Border: Negotiating the Frontiers of Race, Identity, and Belonging"

Bucheli, Sybil
"Investigation of Calliphoridae across the 10 Ecoregions of Texas"

Chen, Lei
"Secure Routing for Real-Time Media Streaming in MANET's"

Madhusudan, Choudhary
"Role of CtrA during Cell Cycle of Rhodobactor sphaeroides"

Gerber, Hannah
"Exploring Digital Literacy Labs in a Global Society"

Lane, John
"New Music for Percussion: Commission and Educational Outreach"

Littlejohn, Jeff
"Democracy and Diversity in Walker County, Texas"

Miller, Rowland
"Assessment of Attention to Alternative Romantic Partners"

Shannon, Li-Jen
"Instructional Technology Web 2.0 Software in Educational System"

Thompson, David
"Raman Enhancing Nanoarrays for Amplifying Weak Signals"

Varol, Cihan
"Detecting Illusive Records within the Law Enforcement Database"

Yildiz, Faruk
"Building an Interactive Mini-Lab Training Unit to Promote Alternative Energy"


FY 2010

Faculty Research Grants

Alford, John
"Mechanistic Movement Models of Thermoregulating Ectotherms"

Cho, Hyuk
"Distributed Co-clustering Algorithm"

Choi, Jin Young
"Social Etiology of Obesity among US Immigrants"

Evans, Heather
"College Experiences and Political Engagement"

Fox, Kate
"Gang Membership and Crime Victimization"

Gaillard, Anne
"Identification of a p53-like Protein in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"

Lim, Hayoung
"The Effects of Therapeutic Instrumental Music Performance in Physical Rehabilitation"

Lynne, Aaron
"Antimicrobial Resistance in Salmonella"

Quast, Troy
"Do HMO Profits Influence their Quality of Care?"

Randle, Christopher
"Population Genetics and Host Preference of Leafy Mistletoe"