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Grant Routing Procedures

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Grant Routing Procedures

  • All routing documents and signatures should be received in ORSP offices prior to submission.  In extenuating circumstances, ORSP may submit a proposal before all required signatures are obtained.   In these situations, the proposal will be withdrawn if all PI, chair and dean signatures are not obtained and received in ORSP offices in ten business days.
  • The name of each PI and Co-PI identified in the proposal must be listed on the proposal routing form and each must sign the face page.
  • Each PI and Co-PI must complete and sign a Conflict of Interest form.
  • Each proposal must include a detailed budget, budget narrative and statement of work.
  • For any proposal with a reduced or waived indirect cost percentage (including use of the off-campus rate), the following must be included:
    • a copy of written program guidelines stating the sponsor’s Indirect Cost Rate limits, and
    • an SHSU Indirect Cost Waiver Form with appropriate signatures must be attached to the budget for review.
  • If Cost Sharing (matching or in-kind contributions) is proposed, PI must discuss this option with ORSP, then with his/her department chair and dean.  If approved, a Matching/In-Kind Funds Form with account numbers identified will be required before approval is given.  SHSU and most federal sponsors impose strict limitations/restrictions on the use of cost sharing.
  • Proposals involving human subjects, animal subjects, hazardous materials, bio-safety or radioactive materials will require the proper approval prior to account establishment (IRB, IACUC, Safety Coordinator, etc.)
  • The signature process for the proposal routing is as follows:
    • PI(s) and Co-PI(s)
    • Department Chair(s)
    • Dean(s)
  • ORSP will obtain the remaining signatures:
  • Associate VP - ORSP
  • Provost (if matching funds are involved)
  • President (proposals over $750K)

In determining award decisions after a proposal has been submitted, some sponsors will communicate directly with the PI, some will do so only with ORSP, and others include both the PI and the ORSP.  Please notify ORSP of any communication from sponsors regarding the result of your proposal.  ORSP will forward any such communication to the PI. 

After an award notification is received, ORSP will accept and negotiate the award. The Controller's Office will set up the award account and be responsible for accounting and financial compliance, and will handle the post-award financial administration of the project.



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