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Experimental Biology
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Eight undergraduate students will be provided with an enjoyable and productive research experience in the area of experimental field biology over a ten-week period. Research activities will be centered at Sam Houston State University's 250-acre Center for Biological Field Studies (CBFS).

Students will live in modern apartment-style dormitories on campus. Students will gain confidence in their abilities as scientists through planning, conducting and being responsible for their own research project. There will be much opportunity to interact with faculty, graduate students and other REU students through weekly seminars, field trips and social gatherings. Our goal is to foster an interest and enthusiasm for pursuing graduate studies in biology and ultimately careers in research.

Weekly seminars will include information on how to conduct research and discussions of important issues in science. Students will work closely with faculty mentors that specialize in field biology and will have their choice amongst

a variety of research projects in ecology, taxonomy, animal behavior, environmental microbiology, and ichnology. Our mentors work on a diversity of taxa including plants, fungi, protozoans and animals. Students will gain experience from their specific projects and will be encouraged to learn from, and participate in, the projects of other students. Students will present their research in oral, poster and manuscript forms. This presentation experience will provide students with the encouragement and confidence to present their research findings at a regional or national conference and to publish research findings with their mentors.

The mentors in our program are active researchers and currently work with both undergraduate and graduate students. Our twelve mentors are faculty members in the Department of Biological Sciences at Sam Houston State University. The faculty researchers are also dedicated teachers that are familiar with working with undergraduate students and are enthusiastic about providing a high quality research experience for undergraduates in an REU program.

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Boat Trip on Research Vessel Katy

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