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Policies & Procedures



All Contract and Grant Awards are subject to University Policies and Procedures.

SHSU Fixed Price Agreements Policy


1. Principal Investigators (PIs) considering submitting any proposal or request for funding should begin the internal approval process well ahead of time with the Office of Research Administration . ORA is the pre- and post-award office and will assist the PI with:

  • Scheduling the grant/contract proposal submission.
  • Budget preparation (ensuring the proper salaries, fringes, indirect costs, etc. are included). At least a two (2) week period is requested prior to submission date for budget review and internal approvals. If sufficient time is not available for review, the submission and budget categories could potentially be impacted once an award is received.
  • Formatting the budget to conform to budget categories consistent with the grant accounting system. This will assure that the award is made under the same budget line items as the proposed budget (unless the sponsor requires a specific format).
  • Determining which forms/approvals should be completed prior to an award being made.
  • Submitting the proposal. PIs should not submit proposals independently.

2. Each proposal will require all routing documents and signatures prior to submission and/or an award being accepted.

3. All Co-PIs indentified in the proposal must be identified on the proposal routing form and each must sign the face page and Conflict of Interest form.

4. Each proposal must include a detailed budget, budget narrative and statement of work.

5. For any proposal with a reduced or waived indirect cost percentage, either a copy of written program guidelines stating Indirect Cost Rate limits or an Indirect Cost Waiver form with appropriate signatures must be attached to the budget for review and approval by the University.

6. Proposals involving human subjects, animal subjects, hazardous materials, bio-safety or radioactive materials will require the proper approval prior to account establishment. (IRB, IACUC, Safety Coordinator, etc.)

7. If matching/in-kind or cost sharing is proposed, the PI must discuss this option with ORA and, if approved, a Matching/In-kind Funds form with account numbers identified will be required before approval is given.

8. All contract/grant award documents must be reviewed by ORA prior to an authorized signature being obtained. PIs are prohibited from negotiating and signing any sponsored award on the University’s behalf.

9. The signature process for the proposal routing form is as follows:

  • PI(s) and Co-PI(s)
  • Department Chair(s)
  • Dean(s)
  • Provost (if matching funds are involved)
  • President (if over $750K)

10. Grant funds will be made available once all requirements are in place:

    • Internal approvals and budget
    • IDC Waiver (if applicable)
    • Cost Sharing approval (if applicable)
    • A fully executed award document
    • The PI’s acceptance of the terms and conditions
    • All compliance approvals (if applicable) – IRB/IACUC/Safety Protocols


Once an award is made, the Office of Research Administration will handle the post-award administration of the project. Completing the items identified above will greatly reduce any unnecessary delays in account establishment and financial administration and make for a more effective process.

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