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Q: I have an agency/company/individual interested in funding my work.  What is the first step?

A: Contact the Office of Research Administration.  The pre-award administrator will assist you with proposal submission, budget preparation and other important issues with regard to the University.  Since the award will be made to the University and not to the PI, it is appropriate the University review and approve the proposal before it is submitted.

Q: Why am I required to submit my proposal through ORA?

A: Proposals must be routed so that the signatures of the researchers and the Chair/Dean can be obtained.  Your Chair/Dean provides the technical review of the proposal.  Your Chair/Dean also needs to know how much time you are proposing to commit to research and to approve any release time or reduction in teaching load.

In addition, the federal government has rules that educational institutions must follow in the costing of their proposals. Some costs are allowable and others are not. There is also a requirement to be consistent in the way that costs are proposed and reported. ORA will prepare your proposal budget according to the federal or other sponsor's general guidelines, the specific requirements of the program and according to SHSU policies and procedures. 

Q: Why do I need ORA to prepare/verify my budget?

A: ORA will verify the proper salaries/wages, fringe and indirect are appropriately calculated before an award is made.  This should prevent any miscalculations affecting your bottom dollar.  In addition, ORA will identify which standard budget categories your proposed funding will fall within.  This will greatly assist (and prevent many delays) when the Contract Administrator receives your award and loads your funds into the Grant Accounting System.

Q: When may an off-campus IDC rate be requested?

A: An off-campus rate is applicable when the deliverables require leasing facilities off campus and direct charging these costs (including utilities) to the grant.  Absence of these direct costs will generally preclude using this rate.

Q: What is the signature process for the proposal routing form?

A: The signature process for the proposal routing form is as follows:

  • PI(s) and Co-PI(s)
  • Department Chair(s)
  • Dean(s)
  • Provost (if matching funds are involved)
  • President (if over $750K)

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