All Basketball - CoRec Statistics as of 04/18/2013

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Player Name Team Name League Games Points Rebounds
Albino, Jorge L. Shake N Bake CoRec Open 2 7 3
Avery, Cordarrel B. Showtime CoRec Open 4 42 25
Ajose, Ismael O. The Avengers CoRec Open 5 11 20
Ahlenius, Cody E. The Tropics CoRec Open 2 33 14
Aguirre, Saul M. The Tropics CoRec Open 1 3 1
Alvarado, Alexandra V. The Tropics CoRec Open 2 9 2
Alfaro, Camille A. S.M.A.S.H. CoRec Open 2 22 5
Alexander, Corinthia J. Showtime Round 1 2 8 5
Abshire, Caitlyn D. Multiple Scoregasms Play In 1 0 1

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