Sam Houston State University offers an undergraduate program in psychology which culminates in a Bachelor of Science degree. The program is oriented toward admission to graduate school and the degree is useful for obtaining employment in various fields such as human services, community services, and rehabilitation facilities to name a few.

Students pursuing graduate studies may select from our Master of Arts degree programs in Clinical, School, or General psychology. If your interest is toward doctoral programs, please visit the homepage of our APA accredited Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program. Detailed information is provided regarding coursework, the forensic emphasis, and internship. Home page links for both the doctoral and masters programs are accessible using the "Graduate" link on this page.

If you have a wide-range of interests and an abiding curiosity, philosophy is for you. We are pleased to offer a Bachelor of Arts degree program in Philosophy. Using the " Undergraduate" link, browse the Philosophy site, meet the faculty, and discover more about our program.


The Department of Psychology and Philosophy supports the Mission Statement of the University and that of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Department is committed to providing a quality educational environment conducive to scholarship and the acquisition of knowledge and applicable skills. We recognize that this ideal requires the effective use of faculty expertise and creativity, a sensitivity to needs of university and community, as well as a genuine concern for the abilities and goals of students.

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