Registration Tools

Deadlines / Dates to Remember

Getting into a closed Psychology & Philosophy class:

DURING on-line registration:

Print Instructor's Approval for Enrollment in a Class.

Take form to the instructor for signature before registration closes.

Email the instructor for approval to register.
(Links are available @ the Schedule of Classes)

Print the instructors reply email and take it to AB IV, Room 317.

Return the completed form to AB IV, Room 315.
(A staff member will clear a registration slot for you.)

TIP: Try both email and the Instructor Approval form.

*You will not appear on the roster class until you complete on-line registration.

AFTER on-line registration has closed: (prior to 12th class day)

Print or Pick-up a Student Class Schedule Change form (AB IV, Room 317)

Take it to the instructor to initial next to the CID number.

Return completed form to AB IV, Room 315 for department chair signature.


AFTER the 12th class day:  before department approval for admission to a psychology or philosophy course will be granted, the signature of the Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, (Smith Kirkley Building, Rm 130) on the Add/Drop form is required.  

A written statement from the instructor verifying attendance is required with the request for approval.

HELP!! I'm a graduating senior and my schedule was dropped.

Our faculty are most accommodating. However, curriculum requirements and room size are factors that must be considered when additional enrollment is requested.   The previous guidelines still apply.