School Psychology

Program Philosophy

The Sam Houston State University School Psychology Program is based on the philosophy that data-based intervention is the primary method to integrate scientific inquiry and service-delivery in diverse school settings. The paradigm assumes that the specialist in school psychology is engaged in problem-solving and collaborates with all involved parties in empirically-based decision-making. Likewise, specialists in school psychology realize the constantly-changing nature of the field of psychology and the need to continue their education beyond graduation, licensure, and employment.

The School Psychology Program relates research associated with psychology and education in an effort to advance social/emotional and cognitive accomplishments in school-aged young people. Human diversity and individual differences necessitate a variety of interventions to address the many influences which affect students and their performances. Graduates in school psychology should be effective problem-solvers who use appropriate data-gathering procedures to assist various systems associated with students including the individual students themselves, teachers, administrators, districts, families, and communities. Additionally, graduates are expected to be models of mental health in balancing personal and professional domains.

The program is aligned with the Rules of the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists and the Ethical Guidelines of the American Psychological Association and the National Association of School Psychologists.

Enhance the future through school psychology

The School Psychology Program at Sam Houston State is affiliated with the Educator Preparation Programs offered through the College of Education as well as the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Thus, the School Psychology Program embodies the Mission Statement adopted by the Sam Houston State University Educator Preparation Programs:

Through excellent collaborative instruction, research, and field experiences, the Educator Preparation Programs of Sam Houston State University provides candidates with opportunities to develop dispositions, skills, and knowledge which enable them to create an environment in which they plan, implement, assess, and modify learning processes, while serving effectively in diverse educational roles, reflecting meaningfully on their growth, and responding proactively to societal needs.


Dr. Ramona Noland Dr. Thomas Wood
Ramona Noland, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Tom Wood, Ed.D.
Program Advisor
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