Psychology M. A. Overviews

Clinical Psychology 

Our Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology program is designed to produce scientist-practitioners who possess:

  1. extensive knowledge of the field of clinical psychology
  2. the intellectual skills necessary for continuing the process of discovery and understanding of human behavior
  3. the assessment, diagnostic, and therapeutic skills that will make them effective Master's-level practitioners

The program provides 450 hours of supervised practicum experience and equips students with applied skills in psychometrics and professional intervention. Graduates of our Clinical track can seek licensure either as Licensed Psychological Associates or as Licensed Professional Counselors in the state of Texas.


School Psychology

Sam Houston State University's School Psychology program is designed to produce practitioners with especial expertise in the delivery of services to school-age populations within school settings.

The 60-hour School track is accredited by the National Association of School Psychologists, and graduates of the program can seek licensure as Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSP) in Texas and as nationally Certified School Psychologists throughout the United States. They may also seek licensure as Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC).


General Psychology


The General Psychology masters' degree program involves 36 hours of study, including a Master's thesis. The program does not involve training in the delivery of psychological services. Instead, it focuses on the scientific sub-disciplines of psychology and involves several electives that allow students to pursue personal academic and research interests.

General Psychology at The University Center

The Masters of Arts degree in General Psychology offered at the University Center is a 36-hour non-thesis program. PSY 588, Introduction to Experimental Design, and PSY 531, Graduate Seminar in General Psychology, are required courses. Courses will be offered at the University Center in such a manner that the student will be able to complete the degree requirements in a timely fashion.

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