Master of Arts Program
General Psychology

The General Psychology Master of Arts degree program at Sam Houston State University emphasizes research and the scientific basis of psychology. The general psychology degree program is of special interest if your desire is to do research or teach in the field of psychology. However, if your areas of interest lend toward the practice psychology as a helping profession, then the Clinical or School programs are for you.

booksThe program involves 36 hours of study, including a Master's thesis. It does not allow training in the delivery of psychological services, but does provide more elective flexibility than our other degree tracks. A list of the specific courses required for the degree follows below:

All of your required courses will typically be offered once each calendar year. Please plan accordingly. 


The general psychology program core consists of advanced courses in Advanced Statistics, Physiological Psychology, Learning, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Cognitive Psychology.


Any graduate course you choose may serve as an elective. Past students have crafted their own specializations in psychology and law or psychology and business by taking Criminal Justice or Business courses for all their electives, and we encourage you to pursue your own personal interests. The practicum courses are reserved for Clinical and School students, but all of our other psychology graduate courses are open to you.

We especially recommend Advanced Abnormal Psychology, Neuropsychopharmacology, Experimental Design, History & Systems of Psychology, and Psychometrics I.

(Independent study in research or special topics is available.)

plus a Thesis

What can I do with a master of arts degree in psychology?

In many respects, it's up to you. Some of our graduates go on to doctoral training, earning their Ph.D.'s in a variety of specialities; others are now in private practice. However, most of our graduates are employed by a wide variety of public and private agencies in Texas and elsewhere.


Jeffrey S. Anastasi , Ph.D.
Coordinator of Masters Studies
CHSS 375
(936) 294-3049