Master of Arts Degree Programs in Psychology

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The purpose of graduate education is to provide students with coursework that requires critical analysis and study in a specialized field. The principal objective of Graduate Studies at Sam Houston State University is to prepare students "to become intellectual leaders in the profession" (Graduate Catalogue, pg. 91).

Since 1984, the Department of Psychology and Philosophy has met this objective by offering graduate education in scientific and professional psychology. Sam Houston State currently offers master of arts programs of study in the areas of clinical, general,and school psychology. We are pleased to offer a doctor of philosophy program in clinical psychology with a forensic emphasis.

Areas of Study:


February 15th

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Admission Requirements:

For admission consideration, an applicant must have completed 18 hours coursework in undergraduate psychology which must include Research Methods and Statistics.

Student applicants need a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0. Students are admitted to the College based on a standard formula that considers both GPA and GRE performance. Students who have a lower GPA can make up for this with a better GRE performance. Admission is not based upon GRE scores alone, but rather a combination of GRE scores and GPA.


Applicants are asked to provide the following:

Credit for Transfer Courses

Sam Houston State University may accept up to 12 hours of course work completed at other accredited universities toward the Master of Arts degrees in General, Clinical, and School Psychology.

It is relatively easy for us to accept transfer credits that replace electives in our degree plans. If you wish to use transfer credits to supplant any of our required courses, you will need to provide documentation of the content of your course (e.g., the course syllabus) to the faculty member who teaches the similar course in the psychology program. Only if our faculty and Dean agree that your transfer course sufficiently duplicates the material required in our program and notification is made to the Coordinator of Master's Studies of their agreement in writing-will transfer credit be granted.


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