Curriculum Vita

David V. Nelson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology

Research interests include behavioral medicine/health psychology; gender and multi-cultural health differences and /disparities; neurobehavioral functioning.

AB IV, Room 339

Research Program

My research interests are in the broad areas of behavioral medicine/health psychology and neurobehavioral functioning. Specifically within behavioral medicine/health psychology, I have interests in the following: interactions of biological and psychosocial factors involved in the etiology, maintenance, and treatment of pain, fatigue, and related symptom clusters and syndromes; biopsychosocial factors in adaptation to genetic susceptibility to cancer and coping, adjustment, survivorship, and symptom management in patients with cancer; biopsychosocial interactions in cardiovascular functioning; and in all of these, ethnic, gender, and other multi-cultural differences.

In terms of neurobehavioral functioning, I am particularly interested in the diversity of neurobehavioral functioning and dysfunction that may comprise subgroups within the offender population, better characterization of this diversity, design of relevant interventions that include neurobehavioral considerations, and preventive efforts for at-risk persons.

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