SHSU's Political Science Interns

Current Interns:

For the Spring of 2007, we have eleven interns, four of which are placed full time in other locations. Seven are placed in Huntsville.

Name Placement Graduation Date Major/Minor
Kristen Cox Congressman Kevin Brady (Conroe) 8-2007 Pol Sci/GBA
Kyle DeRoche Congressman John Culberson (DC) 2009 Pol Sci/His
Sam Dolan Congressman Ralph Hall (DC) 2009 Pol Sci/GBA
Robin Evans City of Huntsville, Cultural Services 2009 Dance/Pol Sci
Derek Hahn City of Houston, City Council 2009 Pol Sci
Amy Kirker Walker County District Attorney 12-2007 Pol Sci/Stats
Brittany Long Congressman Kevin Brady (Conroe) 8-2007 Psy/Pol Sci
Christina McDonald CASA of Walker Co. 12-2007 Pol Sci/Soc
David Ruckstuhl City of Huntsville, Main Street 5-2007 Pol Sci/SSC
Rowdy Salazar City of Huntsville, Planning Department 8-2007 Pol Sci/GBA
Shawn Stanton City of Houston, Mayor's Office 2008 Pol Sci/His

Former interns who have graduated:

Current Activities
Katie Granger Following graduation in 8-2006, Ms. Granger was hired as Assistant to the National Finance Director for the George Allen for Senate campaign. Currently working as an event planner at Koch Industries in Virginia.
Laura Dempsey Graduated 8-2006. Ms. Dempsey is working as a Harris County Juvenile Probation Officer.
Justin Pointer Graduated 12-2006. Mr. Pointer is working for Capitol One.
J Bell Graduated 5-2006. Mr. Bell is working for a real estate company in Austin.
Jana Boyett Graduated 12-2006. Ms. Boyett is working for the Walker County Appraisal District.
Matt Moore Graduated 12-2006. Mr. Moore is currently attending graduate school at SHSU.
Tiffany Dillard Graduated 8-2006. Ms. Dillard is attending SMU Law School.
James Winzer Is currently working on his Master's Degree at University of Mississippi.

Former interns who are graduating soon:


Name Current Activities
Brynn Reynolds Ms. Reynolds will graduate in the fall of 2007. She is currently working as a Budget Analyst for the City of Huntsville.
Lacy True Ms. True will graduate in the Fall of 2007 and attend law school.
James Cosman Mr. Cosman is graduating in the Spring of 2007, and has applied to Rice and to Texas A&M for graduate work.
Emily Johnson Ms. Johnson will graduate in 8-2007, and plans to attend Texas A&M for her Master's Degree.
Max Walling Mr. Walling continues his work with Residence Life at SHSU. He is currently applying to several law schools across the country.
Amanda Eldridge Ms. Eldridge will graduate in 8-2007, and she is applying to graduate school for the fall of 2008.
Megan Crank Ms. Crank will graduate in 5-2007. She is currently working for the City of Huntsville.
Amy Jacks Ms. Jacks will graduate in 12-2007. She is interested in working for a Presidential campaign upon graduation.
Julie Campbell Ms. Campbell will graduate in 8-2007. She is currently working for MGL consulting, and plans to pursue a Master's degree shortly after graduating.
Brandon Reese Mr. Reese was recently offered a job in a congressional district but turned it down so that he could finish school on time. He plans to attend law school upon graduation.