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Staff Excellence Award Recipients for 2001-2002

2001-2002 Staff Excellence Award Winners
James Gaertner-university president, far right, and Charles McDowell-chair of the selection committee, far left, recently honored the 2001-2002 Staff Excellence Award winners. From left to right, Allison Eby Dean, Dorothy Wooten and Deana Marek.

Dorothy Wooten, Deana Marek and Allison Eby Dean were among the Sam Houston State University staff members recently named by President James Gaertner as recipients of the Staff Excellence Award for the 2001-2002 year.

Three awards are given annually to full-time staff members who excel in their job duties through excellence in service, proven commitment, meritorious performance and a high level of motivation. Staff members are selected based on nominations by their fellow employees and members of the SHSU faculty.

In addition to a plaque of recognition, each recipient will be honored during a future faculty/staff meeting and awarded a $1200 bonus on their paycheck.

The trio of honorees are staff members deemed worthy of recognition by their peers. While their job duties may be varied, the three all offer a wealth of service to their respective departments.

Dorothy Wooten

Wooten has been employed for the past 18 years as the assistant to the president. Her duties, in addition to "trying to keep the president happy" include routine correspondence and problem solving for students and parents, developing schedules and defining priorities, planning the process of the president's workload, and being familiar with Texas State University System rules and regulations and SHSU administrative policies and procedures.

Wooten is a member of the Alumni Association and serves on the SHSU Staff Evaluation System Committee. She is the proud mother and grandmother of two daughters, two granddaughters and one grandson.

Flattery was abundant in Wooten's numerous nomination forms and with good reason. Here's what some had to say:

  • "The fact that Dorothy Wooten has served the university through four presidents speaks highly of her character."

  • "Dorothy has met the challenge and high demands of the job of assistant to the president while maintaining a level of performance above the standard through accuracy, reliability, and attention to detail."

  • "Only a highly effective person could do what she does in 8 hours a day."

  • "Dorothy Wooten could be the poster child for the university's motto: 'The measure of a life is its service.'"

Deana Marek

Marek has been employed with SHSU for 14 years, the last four of which have been as a secretary III with the Forensic Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program and the Psychological Services Center. Her duties include working with and supporting doctoral students in the Forensic Clinical Psychology Program and serving as the main contact for both the Ph.D. program and the Psychological Services Center, which offers services to the public and legal community.

Marek and her husband Trey have two young daughters, Katie and Kendall.

Many of Marek's colleagues have applauded her skills and her excellent ability to multi-task. Here's what some had to say:

  • "Deana Marek has effectively assumed the role of secretary and business manager, along with her duties as program secretary."

  • "She is well-known for assisting students in everything from completing applications to negotiating financial aid and stipends, to learning complex clinical procedures."

  • "If Deana is unsure how something can be best accomplished, she will take it upon herself to research the issue."

  • "Overall, Deana Marek is a great asset to faculty and students."

Allison Eby Dean

Dean has been employed with SHSU since June 1991. She has been working in the Math, Computer Science, and Statistics Department since 1996. As a secretary III, her job duties are varied, but Dean said her main job duty is "To make sure my chairman along with 39 faculty members are happy and have what they need to be successful."

Currently, Dean is the adviser for Sigma Lambda Epsilon on campus and stays involved with Girls in Action and young teens at Elkins Lake Baptist Church. She is also a senior speech major/English minor with two children, Kevin and Kourtney.

Dean was highly praised for her dedication to her work as well as to SHSU. Here's what some had to say:

  • "Allison Dean truly cares about her work, the department, and the people here."

  • "Allison is a very reliable and positive person. If she does not have an answer, she will find someone who does."

  • "Although she is overwhelmed during registration and add/drop periods, she is always helpful to students."

  • "I would not want to try to find a replacement for Allison Dean."

Awards for staff excellence have been given since 1991.

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SHSU Media Contact: Audrey Wick
April 30, 2002
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