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An "Amazing" Adventure

Nancy and Emily Hoyt
Nancy and Emily Hoyt, the mother-and-daughter team in CBS's The Amazing Race.

Dreams of traveling the world and becoming rich and famous top most college students' lists of "Things to Do." When all is said and done, however, few students can actually say they have accomplished these goals.

Unless, of course, you are Emily Hoyt.

This SHSU junior, a Waco native, had the adventure of a lifetime this spring when she and her mother, Nancy, participated in CBS's newest reality game show, The Amazing Race.

Her adventure can be followed beginning Wednesday, Sept. 5 at 8 p.m. on CBS.

Emily found out about The Amazing Race through a television commercial. "I've always been interested in reality T.V.," she explains. In this game, 11 teams of two, each with a pre-existing relationship, race once around the planet, stopping periodically to compete in a series of tasks, some mental and some physical, before learning their next destination. They never know where they're going next or what they'll have to do once they get there.

For a mental picture of the game, think Survivor on speed.

Restricted plane travel and strict budgets will add to the tension as teams are forced to rely on wit and ingenuity, perhaps sleeping on park benches or in bus stations and traveling on buses, trains, boats, taxis, bicycles, even camels. Teams farthest behind are eliminated as the race progresses.

Teams are required to sever contact with family and friends during the race.

Nancy and Emily are the only parent-and-child team participating in the race. Emily is also the youngest contestant, at 21. CBS contends, "They're a strong team for The Amazing Race because while mother Nancy is good at planning and considerate of others, daughter Emily is impulsive and competitive."

Emily was forced to take off from school in the spring to fly to New York, where the race began. "We got to meet people from all backgrounds," she says. Even with the myriad of lifestyles represented, she thinks everyone "got along really, really well."

The teams in general may have gotten along well together, but how did mother and daughter handle all the togetherness?

"Each pair's relationship will be forever impacted by their experience in this once-in-a-lifetime adventure," said CBS.

Fulfilling CBS's promise, Emily says, "For the most part, we do get along very well, but we do have our moments. We weren't very close before the show, but we are now. It has done wonders for our relationship."

The previews on T.V. give little details about the show. All contestants are also under strict CBS contract not to divulge too much information.

When asked for the dirt, Nancy (Emily's Mom) responded by saying, "I'm not being rude, but I just can't talk about it." The mystery of it all seems to add to the excitement of the show.

Although going to class at SHSU may compare trivially to what Emily has experienced, she said (with enthusiasm) that she is glad to be back. This English major/Dance minor can now focus her attention back on school and is settling back into friendships with her sisters from the Alpha Chi Omega house.

One dream fulfilled, Emily has ended her world travels. She got her 15 minutes of fame. But did she get $1 million?

Emily and Nancy know, but they're not talking.

For more information or to track the progress of Nancy and Emily, visit The website aided in the writing of this article.

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September 3, 2001
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