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Staff Excellence winners
The 2000-01 Staff Excellence Award winners are (from left) Janet McCullough, Karen Beeson and Dianne Key.

SHSU Announces
Staff Excellence Award Winners

Three Sam Houston State University employees will be recognized during the university's annual faculty and staff meeting on Tuesday as recipients of the university's Staff Excellence Award for 2000-01.

They are Karen Beeson, secretary III in the Department of Biological Sciences; Dianne Key, senior assistant to the vice president of academic affairs; and Janet McCullough, secretary I in the Department of Health and Kinesiology.

The faculty/staff meeting is scheduled for 3 p.m. in the Beto Criminal Justice Center Killinger Auditorium.

Beeson first came to Sam Houston State as an employee in the mid-1980s. She moved from Huntsville for a while, then returned in 1993 and was employed in the Department of Biological Sciences. Not only is she a university employee, she is a Sam Houston student who plans to graduate in December with the bachelor of business administration degree.

"She has an excellent personality, and she is very efficient and meets all deadlines," said Karolis Bagdonas, associate professor of biological sciences.

"She is very well organized and a perfect office manager," he said. "She helps all the faculty committees and student organizations meet their deadlines."

"Karen is a big help with students, especially those requiring unusual help," said Joan E. N. Hudson, associate professor of biology.

"As an adviser, I often call Karen to find out who students would contact about problems other than biology courses," said Hudson. "She knows the people at Financial Aid and the Registrar's Office, and she can point the student in the right direction."

"Karen is punctual, creative, dedicated, motivated, and she understands and is able to work with literally all aspects of the university administrative system," said Monte L. Thies, associate professor and department chair of the Department of Biological Sciences.

"One of Ms. Beeson's most demanding jobs is to handle all bidding and purchase requisitions for both the biological sciences department and the geography and geology department," said C. Allen Williams, chair of the Department of Geography and Geology.

"She has the unique ability to work with faculty who do not always make their orders clear and to translate these requests into valid bid requests. Her ability to solicit bids, both written and verbally, is outstanding," he added. "She has experience in purchasing items from paper to chemicals to scientific equipment”She is familiar with both state contract purchases and open market bidding. This is a testimony to her strict attention to details."

Key is a Huntsville native and has lived in Huntsville her entire life. She was awarded a scholarship to Sam Houston State by the Huntsville Study Club when she graduated from Huntsville High School, and she was awarded the bachelor of business administration degree from the University. She was employed by the University in 1972.

"Dianne has the ability to successfully accomplish the challenging responsibilities assigned to her," said Maxine Clarke, administrative assistant in the Office of Academic Affairs.

"Dianne wants each project assigned to her done in the most professional and efficient manner possible and will do the research required to see that it is accomplished," Clarke added. "She is always evaluating the latest equipment or ideas that might allow a more effective means of accomplishing the tasks assigned to the Office of Academic Affairs."

"She always makes time for every phone call, and everyone that stops by, no matter how busy or how much pressure she is under," said Kathy Gilcrease, senior administrative assistant in the Office of Academic Affairs.

"She approaches each task with a good attitude and takes her job seriously, but at the same time finds the humor in every situation. Her positive attitude is inspiration, and serves as a role model for all those around her," said Gilcrease.

"Not only does Dianne keep on top of her own responsibilities and records, but she also helps us in the Office of Academic Affairs to understand the budget process," said Richard Eglsaer, associate vice president for academic affairs. "With each consultation, she seeks to help us understand the reason behind our policies."

"Dianne takes great pride in her work and is very good at what she does," said Suzette Kohers, assistant director, administrative applications in the SHSU Computer Services Department.

"She knows the faculty system inside and out," Kohers continued. "She is good at recognizing ways to improve the procedures in her office and does not hesitate to request computer programming changes and development to help.

McCullough is a former Sam Houston State University student who was first employed on campus in the late 1970s. She moved from Huntsville, then returned and was employed part-time at SHSU in the mid-1980s. She has been employed in the Department of health and Kinesiology for over ten years.

"Mrs. McCullough has consistently provided excellent secretarial services to all faculty, part-time staff, graduate teaching assistants and to me as department chair since 1990," said Robert Case, chair of the department.

"Mrs. McCullough's outstanding abilities consist of her versatility with a variety of office machines, the ability to be patient with both students and faculty and to prioritize what needs to be completed and when for the good of the academic unit," he said.

"She is very efficient in terms of her ability to accept requests and complete them in less than the perceived required time," Case said.

"She is highly motivated to meet the needs of all faculty, and her behavior reflects a positive attitude toward everyone. I have yet to see her ever upset with anyone or any request," he added.

"She is innovative in her approach to creating documents that display the content requested in aesthetically please styles," Case added. "She is careful in her creativity with regard to being professional and tasteful with all materials.

"Her organizational skills and tidiness also help make our office environment pleasing to potential clientele and to those already in the fold," Case said.

Regarding her association with students, Case said, "Janet is very friendly and cooperative with our students. Her knowledge and experience have saved both students and faculty many a step toward completing a project."

The Staff Excellence Award was established at Sam Houston State University in 1991 to recognize three full-time, non-temporary staff employees each year who have performed meritoriously, displayed proven commitment to excellence in service, excelled in his or her job, demonstrated outstanding abilities, innovative ideas, efficient operations, high levels of motivation, and are respected by the University community.

- END -

SHSU Media Contact: Julia May
Sept. 7, 2001
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