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SHSU mini-sessions offer fast-paced
alternative to traditional class schedule

College students can earn three credit hours in a mere three weeks this May by enrolling in one of over 20 mini-session classes offered by Sam Houston State University.

The courses, offered through SHSU's College of Education and Applied Science, cover a diverse range of studies including agriculture, education, health and kinesiology. The classes follow an intense three-hour-a-day, five-day-a-week schedule beginning the week of May 10, and concluding prior to June 3 when the first regular summer session begins.

The alternative schedule, know officially as the "Summer I Intersession," was introduced three years ago to take advantage of the lengthy break between the traditional spring and summer semesters.

Since its inception the program has become remarkably popular for a variety reasons.

"For one thing," explained Kenneth Craycraft, CEAS dean, "it allows students to knock off an extra three credit hours before their May rent expires. It also enables students to complete up to 15 hours of course work throughout the summer."

The alternative is also popular, he said, among students who need to work in the summer and are unable to attend traditional summer classes.

Because of the intense nature of the summer intersession courses, enrollment is limited to three hours.

The 1999 Summer I Intersession undergraduate offerings include: Tennis (KIN 110), Fitness for Living (KIN 215), Agribusiness Financial Analysis (AGR 289), Principles of Agricultural Leadership and Community Development (AGR 488W), Human Growth and Learning (EED 374), Drug Use and Abuse (HED 280), Child and Adolescent Health (HED 282), Family Life and Sex Education (HED 390W), Study of Human Diseases (HED 391), AIDS: Current Health Problems and Prevention Strategies (HED 470W), Motor Learning: Acquisition and Assessment (KIN 331), Human Growth and Learning (SED 374), Measurement and Media Techniques (SED 383), and Literature and Related Materials for Children (LS 361W).

The 1999 Summer I Intersession graduate offerings include: Methods of Research (ASE 579 and CNE 579), and Communication Theory and Practice for Community Educators (HED 560).

Students can register for the mini-session courses on the first day of class. More information, including class times, can be found in SHSU's Summer 1999 course catalogue. For registration details call Sam Houston State University Registrar's Office at (409) 294-1040.

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Text by Phillip Rollfing
April 26, 1999
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