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SHSU President Bobby K. Marks, right, congratulates 1999 Staff Excellence Award winners, from left, Bob Garrett, Angie Moore, and Suzette Lampson.

Excellence Honorees
Exhibit Traditional Qualities

In our modern, high tech society an employee with the skills to solve a complex computer problem might be considered extremely valuable.

However, while two of the 1999 Sam Houston State University Staff Excellence Award winners are computer specialists, those who work with all three award winners say that dedication, efficiency, dependability, and even good old-fashioned horse sense are values that may be even more important.

The three SHSU employees honored this year for exceptional service to the university community are Bob Garrett, technology specialist for the College of Education and Applied Science; Suzette Lampson, computer systems coordinator in the University Computer Services Department; and Angie Moore, secretary for the foreign languages program in the Department of English and Foreign Languages.

Their duties are distinctly different, but the observance of their shared dedication, the commitment to the betterment of the university, and their willingness to assist others perform their jobs more efficiently was echoed in the testimonies submitted to the Staff Excellence Award Committee.

With his expertise in the rapidly changing field of technology, Garrett provides continuing professional development opportunities relating to technology-based instruction and media implementation. His duties also involve graphic design, web site authoring, video production, distance learning as well as repair and maintenance of the computers and digital devices in the Teacher Education Center.

"Bob is extremely intelligent, calm, and pleasant when faculty are upset with their computers," wrote one professor. "He works long hours, often until late at night, when solving technical problems."

Another wrote, "He is positive, willing to show initiative, and he wants to make sure the job is done accurately. He is clearly service-oriented, and he responds to the needs of the faculty, sometimes in emergencies. Some of our equipment is old, and he has clever ways to repair it."

Garrett was also commended for his innovation and efficiency, as well as the meritorious performance of his job responsibilities.

"Bob can solve problems with computers and media, and he always responds the same day."

"He wants to make sure the job is done accurately. He tries to resolve the problem and then checks up later to see if everything is working properly."

"He enjoys what he does. He sets goals for himself, and he accomplishes a great deal."

Garrett was a Sam Houston State student in the '70s, focusing primarily in technical theater. He was involved in numerous drama productions as well as radio, television, and film projects.

Although he is no longer in the classroom he continues to work with students, and his co-workers note that his professionalism with students is remarkable.

"He assists students with technology problems instantly when approached by them," wrote another. "Patience shines when he is working with students."

Lampson was also praised for her professionalism.

Now in the 12th year of service to SHSU as a programmer/analyst, Lampson is in charge of programming for the administrative menu system of programs used by faculty and staff and some of the programs such as registration which are used by students. She is a former SHSU student, earning the bachelor of science degree in 1988 with a double major in math and computer science and the master of business administration degree in 1992.

"Her job requires a great deal of interaction with every area of the university," wrote a fellow employee. "I have heard nothing but praise about her from everyone who has had any interaction with her. She has a great deal of responsibilities in her position and she is able to handle them in a very efficient and professional manner."

"Ms. Lampson's attitude is very good. It is easily apparent that she has the best interest of Sam Houston State University in mind when performing her duties. She is very active in investigating new ways of improving her department and thus improving SHSU."

"Suzette has a way of making us feel that we are her first priority whenever we need her assistance," wrote a group of employees from one university department. "With her positive demeanor and wonderful attitude, we feel that she must treat every person who calls her for help with the same service."

Her strong work ethic was another value that was admired and respected by her supporters.

"She takes a great deal of pride in her work and it is not at all unusual for her to work overtime to complete important tasks requested by various departments on campus. She does not complain and is always very upbeat and spirited."

Moore's enthusiasm for her job is contagious, according to her co-workers.

"Her excellent work and attitude influence others, and provide a positive atmosphere that makes Sam Houston State a very special university for all who come in contact with her."

"People love the positive attitude she exemplifies."

Moore provides clerical and secretarial assistance directly to 13 faculty, including the coordinator of the foreign languages program. Her job responsibilities also involve degree plans, advisement assistance, CLEP tests, exit interviews, supervising student assistants, and working with language lab assistants.

Her co-workers repeatedly praised her for her interaction with students.

"Students value the relationship that they have established with Angie. She is a friend, advisor, and a counselor to everyone who needs it."

"Angie takes the time to review the entire degree plan with the student, making certain that he or she knows what they must do, and showing them how to complete a degree at Sam Houston State. She will discuss alternatives with them, In addition to working with department majors, Angie is a helper and friend to all students in need. She takes the time to aid individuals in resolving scheduling problems."

"She always takes time to answer each student's questions and even makes calls around campus to get the problem solved."

She was also commended for her ability to complete tasks in a timely manner and to do an outstanding job with her assignments.

"She is able to complete tasks with ease and accuracy. She does not become frustrated when there is a lot of work to be done, but rather begins work and tries to prioritize well."

"All her work is completed by the end of each day, in addition to tasks asked of her above and beyond her job description."

"She has the gift of knowing and remembering when something needs to be done by our faculty before we ever need to ask. She is a highly intelligent person, who really cares about people and the job. She constantly has new ideas and effective ways of accomplishing tasks and solving daily problems."

The three winners of the 1999 SHSU Staff Excellence Award will be publicly recognized by SHSU President Bobby K. Marks at the annual staff meeting in the fall. Each honoree will be presented a plaque and $1,000.

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July 16, 1999
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