Welcome to my web page! My name is Brian Blalock and I am a photographer and graphic artist at Sam Houston State University. I do sporting events and general photography around campus.

The photos on this web page were taken with a Nikon D1H , a Nikon D200, a Nikon D700 and a variety of Nikkor lenses. The images are taken in camera raw format and edited using Photoshop CS3.

I hope you like my photos. I would welcome any comments (or criticism)!

My office is Suite 115 of the Administration Building and my telephone number is (936) 294-3048. You can also email me at bblalock@shsu.edu



welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

About the cover photos (left) the statue of General Sam Houston in front of historic Austin Hall (top left) former SHSU quarterback Rhett Bomar (top right) Sammy Bearkat (bottom) azaleas in front of the Estill Building.