Notations Concert - SHPG
Notations Concert
Notations Concert
Notations Concert
Notations Concert
Cage Retrospective Concert CMF 2012
Phil O’Banion Masterclass
Phil O’Banion Masterclass
Joel Laviolette and Rattletree Marimba Clinic
Jesus Moroles Sculpture Concert
SYM ORC w/ Christopher Deane
Meehan/Perkins masterclass
“Close Encounters”
Harrison - Concerto for Violin and Percussion
Alfredo de Saint-Malo International Music Fest
ASM Festival Orchestra
ASM Festival
square trees!
Lane Clinic - University of Panama
Percussion Group - Panama City, Panama
SHSU Steel Band
JLA’s Inuksuit in Australia
JLA’s Inuksuit in Australia
Carlos Camacho... on TV!
SHPG Concerto with National Symphony of Panama
Concerto 2
Concerto Premiere 3
Concerto 4
Encore at the National Symphony of Panama
Encore 2
Encore 3
Award with the National Symphony
SHPG and Panamanian Friends/Family
SHPG at Panama Viejo
SHPG at Panama Viejo
Rehearsal at the Institute of Culture - Panama City
SHPG - Institute of Culture - Panama City
Clinic at Institute of Culture - Panama
Poder de la Timba, SHPG on TV
Lane Clinic
Lane Clinic 2
Rehearsal with NSO of Panama
Rehearsal with Maestro Ledezma of the NSO Panama
Sam Houston Percussion Group
Lane/McCutchan - Musically Speaking
Sam Houston Percussion Group with Kyle Gann
Chris Hanning Clinic
Chris Hanning Clinic
Joel Laviolette - mbira masterclass
Joel Laviolette and Rattletree Marimba - clinic/performance
Rattletree Marimba Masterclass
SHSU Students - Rattletree Marimba Class
Andy Bliss Masterclass
CMF 08
Lane/Stuart Gerber - CMF 08
John Riley @ SHSU
SHSU Summer Drumline Camp
Bill Bachman Clinic - SHSU Summer Drumline Camp
Mbira Workshop w/ Erica Azim
Erica Azim Concert
Doug Walter Masterclass
PE/STEEL w/ Doug Walter
BMB Basses
BMB Drumline
Marching Festival07.JPG
BMB DL - Homecoming 07
BMB Snares
BMB Cymbals
PULSUS W/ Minoru Miki
PULSUS in Japan 1
PULSUS in Japan 2
PULSUS in Japan 3
PULSUS in Japan 4
PULSUS in Japan 5
PULSUS in Japan 6
Steel Band w/ Gary France
Steel Band w/ Gary France
CMF 07 - w/ John Luther Adams
CMF 2007
Gary France, Alan Molnar, John Lane, and SHSU Students
Gary France Clinic
LtoR:Gary France, Alan Molnar, John Lane
Percussion Studio w/ Gary France
ALIVE Session
Lane Recital
PGC Visit
PGC Clinic
PGC - Roar!
PGC Clinic