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Members :Chase Hrncir, John Douglas, Cad Hoyt, Katie West, Leson Gervais, Ryan Quintanilla, Yamin Chowdhury, Caroline Everett

Public Service
Just for Fun
Taking Care of Business

-High School
-Elementary School

Get Together's

We go bowling, go out to eat, go to the movies, you know, fun things as an organization.


What ever our minds think of that can make us some money.

Organizations Fair

The Organizations Fair gives us campus wide exposure. Usually during orientation now, we are working on haveing something for Summer 2008.


For anyone who has worked in a physics lab... You know what we mean.
Annual Scholarship

Planetarium Refurbishment Project

We are currently raising money for a new Planetarium Projector. As of July 26 we stand at $2600 dollars, and we need $30,000. Buy your own Star for a small donation of $15 dollars Today in the Farrington Building or e-mail us for more info.

Practical Jokes

When we are not playing in lab or fretting over classes, we like to play practical jokes on professors. Poor Dr. Palma though. He seems to get the worst of it the most often. It has been some time though, maybe one soon?

Weekly Meetings

Our meetings are held in the Farrington Science Center in room 303 every Tuesday @ 6:30 p.m. 


This service is available for any one in a physics class that needs help understand a concept or solving a problem.  A Physics or Dual degree major be available to help you. Click for more info


A few of us get out and tailgate, cook what we have, anyone is welcome to join in on the phood, phun, and physics.

Zone Meetings

Every semester SPS tries to attend the Texas Section of the American Physical Society Joint meetings.  They are held at local universities around the state.

Charity Work

Relay for Life, Trick-or-treat for canned goods.  The things that make you feel good inside.

Toy Drive

Our Toy drive Has been a Huge success