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Who are we?

SHRM is a national organization designed to network HR professionals from all over the country. As a member of the Sam Houston State University Chapter, it is a great opportunity to meet other students and professionals in endless industries around the nation. SHSU SHRM enjoys attending conferences, luncheons and other networking events with our Faculty Sponsors, giving its members infinite possibilities!

What can SHRM do for me?

As a member of SHRM you too can become part of the nationwide HR network. This means great career opportunities anywhere in the US and possibly the world. Further your career by joining SHRM! For more information about the national SHRM organization, please visit their website.

How can I become a Member?

If you'd like to become a member of the SHSU Chapter of SHRM, check out our Calendar for meeting dates and times. Simply show up at a meeting and if you decide SHRM is the organization for you, pay your one time admission fee and sign up for the National Chapter, and you're a member! As a member, we do ask that you attend meetings, events and projects. As an active member, the SHSU Chapter of SHRM will show thanks by presenting you with cords to be worn with your gown on your graduation day, not to mention all the new network skills you will have and contacts for great career opportunities!


Every week after our regular meetings and every other week instead of a the SHRM meetings, you can choose to stop by and look over the Human Resource Management 8th Edition which will help prepare students to become PHR(Professional in Human Resources) certified. Dr. Charles J. Capps III, SPHR(Senior Professional in Human Resources) has offered to help students with the exam. Suggested retail for this book is 7$, but it can be found on a variety of sites for 4-17$ depending on the condition. The test for the certification costs 120$ for students, $250 for non-student SHRM memebers and $300 for HR professionals. Below I have listed all the information needed to find the book along with a picture.(These events are strictly for your benefit and do not count towards attendance for graduation cords.)


  Title: Human Resource Management 8th Edition

  Authors: Mondy, Noe, Premeaux

  ISBN: 0-13-032280-6

  Suggested Retail: $6.99


1. The deadline to register for the PHR exam to take it in May is Friday(March 12th),

     so whoever is interested needs to do it as soon as possible because there

     are multiple steps. (After Friday, there will be a $50 late fee)

2. First you need to go to the SHRM website: and select the "about SHRM" button at the top of

     the page.

3. Once you have that number you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions.

The student verification form needs to be completed and signed by Dr. Capps before it is sent in.

If anyone has questions about prices and dates you can go to:


Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please send all emails to: