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Summer Senate

Internal Affairs
5:15 - LSC 326

Senate Meeting
5:30 - LSC 326

Meeting Dates

June 4
June 11
June 25
July 9
July 23
August 6
August 20

Student Government Association

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There are many different ways to become a member of SGA. The organization operates as outlined by the SGA Constitution which outlines 2 branches of government: The Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch.

The Legislative Branch, or Student Senate, consists of the Executive officers and Senators elected by the colleges of the university. The officers are:

The President
The Vice President
The Treasurer
The Secretary
The Chief of Staff

These officers are elected by the Student Body at Large during the Spring Semester Elections.

SHSU has six colleges:

The College of Sciences
The College of Education
The College of Criminal Justice
The College of Business Administration

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The College of Fine Arts and Mass Communications

Each college is allotted 15 voting members. To be a Senator, you must have an overall GPA of 2.0 and have more than 12 SHSU hours. Senators are also elected at large by the student body however they can also be nominated by the current senators of the college if a seat becomes vacant.

If you have less than 12 SHSU credit hours, you may eligible to join the Freshman Council.

The Judical Branch holds all judicial authority of the Student Government Association within the Student Court. The Court consists of the 5 Student Justices and 4 Faculty Justices, to be appointed by the SGA President and confirmed by the Student Senate. The Chief Justice can be any member of the university community.

Senate Application