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Designing An Experiment:
The Variables and the Groups

Explores some of considerations in designing an experiment.

Exploring the History of Psychology  

Find out what happened in psychology on this date, check the headlines, and explore the world's first virtual museum of psychology.

Games Psychologists Play  

Study, practice, test yourself. Fun!

Psychological Testing on the Web  

Test your intelligence, your personality, and other things about yourself.

Searching the Web For Psychology-oriented Sites  

Hundreds of web sites exist that are wholly, or in part, devoted to topics that are, or might be of interest to psychologists or psychology students.  The trick is to find them when you need them.

Writing Psychology Reports  

Proper (that is, APA style) form is essential.

Graduate School Information:

APA Guide to Getting into Graduate School

Psychology Life

Suggested Time-line for Grad School Preparation


Career Information:


Career Magazine

Work Life

Psychology Associations

Other Resources

GRE Resources

Social Psychology



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