PSI CHI / The Psychology Club

What is PSI CHI?

Sam Houston State University Local Chapter:

Rob Cramer, Ph.D., Faculty Advisor

Paige Klinge, President


Psi Chi is a national honor society whose purpose shall be to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology.


The mission of Psi Chi is to produce a well-educated, ethical, and socially responsible member committed to contributing to the science and profession of psychology and to society in general.

Means for accomplishing above mission:

  • Advance science and the profession of psychology
  • Promote an educational experience consistent with the mission Promote ethical and socially responsible members and leaders
  • Define and establish an organizational structure that promotes our mission.



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Welcome Our New Officers!

Spring 2013

President - Paige Klinge

Vice President - Sarah Crews

Secretary - Jamie Giglio       

Treasurer - Lorin Williams

Historian- Katelynn Prescott

Social Chair - Stevie Hall

Community Service Chair - Tara Cobler      



What is Psychology Club?

Psychology Club is a student organization that works in conjuncture with the Psi Chi National Honors Society to provide fellowship and fun for those interested in psychology that may not meet the academic requirements of Psi Chi. Psychology Club members are welcome to participate in all events available to Psi Chi members with the exception of graduating with honors status.

Psychology club is a great resource for those who are simply interested in psychology as well as for those who are on an academic track to meet honors requirements.

Come join us and see what the club is all about!


Interested in Psychology?

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How Do I Apply to Psi Chi or

Psychology Club?

PRINT & FILL OUT the appropriate application:

Psi Chi Membership

       (Please Enclose a one-time payment of $55.00

       for Lifetime Membership to Psi Chi.)

- See About Page ror Requirements.

SHSU Psychology Club Application

      (Please Enclose $15 application fee)

- There are currently no academic requirements for Psychology Club

Bring it to the next meeting or drop at the

Department of Psychology

CHSS 390

Applications are accepted any time during the semester, although induction ceremonies are only conducted once a semester. 

Apply early!

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Send questions to:

Paige Klinge

Psychology Department