SHSU student interns for Clinton's foundation

By Matthew Jackson
Staff Reporter

It was a busy summer for Sam Houston State University student Megan Bryant.

While many of her schoolmates were taking it easy or relaxing on vacation, Bryant was getting a firsthand course in how a major non-profit group works.

While on a trip with the SHSU Political Science Junior Fellows to Little Rock, Ark. Bryant discovered an internship possibility with the Clinton Foundation. She jumped at the job.

From June until just a few weeks ago, Bryant lived and worked in Little Rock, working directly for the Clinton School of Public Service, a graduate school founded by President Bill Clinton that offers students a master's degree in public service.

From the very beginning, Bryant found herself dealing with a heavy workload.

“I worked on various projects from marketing a public service award the school gives, helping with alumni and scholarship fund development, researching volunteer institutes in Little Rock, writing bios and summaries of the school's speaker's series, and I did a country brief on a foreign country,” Bryant said.

Apart from the vast amount of work experience she gained, Bryant also found great value in the relationships she forged with the 11 other interns working for the foundation.

“I got to learn so many different perspectives,” Bryant said. “I couldn't believe it. I got taken out of my comfort zone and just thrown into Little Rock, and I think I grew a lot, in a good way.”

As her time in Little Rock drew to a close, Bryant was rewarded for her work with a visit from President Clinton.

“It was more of a ‘hello, shake, picture, next' type situation,” Bryant said, “but it was of course still awesome for me personally to meet him.”

Now back in Huntsville, Bryant will be assuming the position of president of the Political Science Junior Fellows this semester.

“Our main goal is to promote education, public service, and professionalism,” Bryant said. “We volunteer around the city, including monthly work with the HEARTS Veterans Museum, and we've done citizenship courses at the library.”

For her term as president, Bryant has planned numerous activities, including a mock election for elementary school students and seminars for undergraduate students on graduate school and law school.

When she's not running the junior fellows or studying, Bryant hopes to spend some time interning with the City of Huntsville.

“Last spring I interned at the Wynne Home,” Bryant said. “I've already had two interviews this year, and I hope to work in either Recreation Services or Administrative Services.”

After her time at SHSU, Bryant hopes to attend law school, then follow that up with a very ambitious career path.

“I want build a sturdy career in law,” Bryant said, “and then eventually be a politician and run for public office.”