Junior Fellows: Objectives & Curriculum

A different approach to learning.

Objectives: The Junior Fellows program promotes education, public service, and professionalism. The organization is dedicated to producing students who are educationally and professionally trained for high-level employment and citizenship.

Curriculum & Activities: Students achieve their academic, civic, and professional objectives by attending lectures, traveling to sites of political interest, and gaining hands-on work experience. Each of these is discussed below.

Lectures: In the past two years, the students have attended more than sixty lectures and speeches by leading political, entertainment, and sports figures. The students attended a luncheon with Secretary Colin Powell, have had breakfast with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, have had dinner with Alan Alda, and have attended presentations by figures such as Nobel-Prize winning physicist Stephen Hawking, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and author Douglas Brinkley.


Alan Alda

Douglas Brinkley

Stephen Hawking

Alberto Gonzales

Other Lectures

George Bush, Eileen Connors, Chris Evert, Teri Hatcher, Harriet Myer

Chris Bell


President Clinton


Former Secretary of Commerce (and Transportation) Norm Mineta

Travel: During 2006-2007, the Junior Fellows have traveled to seven states and Washington, DC. Their trips are meticulously planned, so that they can visit politically, historically, and culturally important sites, while also having fun, learning more about politics, and making contacts. Their most recent trip, to MO, KS, and OK illustrates the careful manner in which they design these trips for maximum educational value:


Day 1: After driving all night, the students arrived in Independence, Missouri at 5:30 am. Later that morning, they awoke to visit the Truman Presidential Library. Afterwards, they drove to Kansas City, MO, where they saw the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, the American Jazz Museum, the Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit, and the World War I Memorial.

Dewey Defeats Truman!

Kansas City Skyline

Negro Leagues Museum

American Jazz Museum

WWI Memorial

Day 2: The students traveled to Topeka, Kansas, where they visited the Brown v. Board of Education Civil Rights Museum, the Missouri State Capitol, met with Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and her staff, and met Mrs. Kansas.

Brown v. Board Museum

Kansas State Capitol

Governor Sebelius

C. Patrick Woods, Education Policy Specialist

Erin Klaykamp, Mrs. Kansas

Day Three: The students drove to Abilene, Kansas to see the Eisenhower Presidential Library.

Eating, after a long drive

Little Ike Park

Library Grounds

Ike Statue

Day Four: On the way home, the students spent the night in Oklahoma City, OK, where they saw the Bombing Memorial and the Brickyard.

"Jesus Wept." John, 11:35

OK Bombing Memorial Site.

OK Bombing Site Reflecting Pool

The Brickyard, Oklahoma City, OK

The Late, Great Mickey Mantle

Random Other Trips:

Lake Travis; Austin, Texas

Austin, TX; Governor's Ball

Dallas, TX; Dealey Plaza, where JFK was shot

The George Bush Presidential Library

Albuquerque, NM, with Laura and the twins

And still others:

With Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe

Little Rock, Arkansas
And snow.

Lincoln Presidential Library, Illinois

Old State Capitol, Springfield, IL

Illinois State Capitol, Springfield



The Junior Fellows program does a variety of service activities. Foremost, they volunteer weekly at the HEARTS Veterans Museum. The Junior Fellows also work special events for diverse groups. In Huntsville, they have assisted the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the HEARTS Veterans Museum, Huntsville Main Street Program, and the Chamber of Commerce. In Houston, they regularly assist The Houston Forum, The World Affairs Council, and British American Business Council. The fellows also host programs such as book signings and symposia to help educate students.

Recently, the Junior Fellows assisted with Representative Lois Kolkhorst's visit to the HEARTS Veterans Museum, where she announced that the state would be giving $2,000,000 to the Museum:

Amy & Julie & Nametags

Kolkhorst with good news


Rowdy & Larry

Going over figures...

Middle of the action!

Happy People

The signed bill


In June, the Junior Fellows assisted with the groundbreaking of the new CHSS.


President Gaertner

Dean de Castro

Emily Johnson

Groundbreaking Shovels

In May, the students helped with a Memorial Day celebration.

Congressman Brady & Charlotte Oleinik

Brandon, Colonel Etheredge, & Amy Jacks

Brandon Reese, John Fuchs, & Amy Jacks


No students in the state of Texas are as active as the Junior Fellows. If you are interested in joining, contact Megan Bryant at megan.bryant@shsu.edu or mike.yawn@shsu.edu.