County U
Huntsville, TX
September 23rd-October 20th


The Political Science Junior Fellows, under the leadership of Stephanie Brim, organized the five-week County U program.
The program highlights different county officials each week, educating citizens about their duties and responsibilities. The program, which
drew 11 students and 12 local residents, featured County Judge Pierce, County Clerk James Patton, District Attorney David Weeks,
County Tax Assessor Collector Diana McRae, County Treasurer Sharon Duke, Sheriff Clint McRae, County Planner Andy Isbell,
Emergency Services Coordinator Butch Davis, EMS Director John Nabors, and Firefighter Greg Mathis. The participants toured the
courthouse, the annex, the Wynne Home, the Gibbs-Powell Home, the fire station, the Walker County Emergency Storm Shelter,
the Walker County Jail, and even took a ride in the City's 1945 firetruck. The program contributed to the organization's
promotion of public service and education.




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