New Politics Forum
Austin, TX
May 29th-31st


The New Politics Forum hosts two events per year and the Junior Fellows attend both events every year.
This event was a "Campaign Bootcamp," a two-day affair in which students are taught the basics of
campaigning, with seminars on media management, grassroots, polling, fundraising, advertising,
and communications. Emily Balanoff, who hosts the events, is a great friend to the organization
and very good at what she does. The organization has found these events enormously rewarding,
fulfilling the educational and professional development components of the organization's objectives.



The Junior Fellows listed to Mark DelSignore discuss polling in campaigns.

L-R: Stephanie Brim, Anum Hashmani, Cameron Goodman, Emily Balanoff, Justin Veillon

Russell Martinez with a gift of appreciation from the JFs.

Junior Fellows with Anne Woodward.

Lagoon behind Laguna Gloria Art Gallery.

Littlefield House, near UT Campus.

O. Henry House. The JF read O. Henry as part of their curriculm.

The French Legation, an interesting house with an even more interesting history.

The Neill-Cochran House. Abner Cook designed this house, and he may have designed Austin College.