Democrats v. Republicans Charity Football Game
April 9, 2011
Huntsville, TX


Every spring, the Junior Fellows host their Democratic v. Republican Charity Football
game to raise funds for local causes.  They strive to raise $3,000 each year, and they start the
by donating more than $1,000 of their own money.  Over the past four years, they've raised
$10,000, which they've donated to the local YMCA and the John Holcombe Scholarship Fund.
It's a great event that brings Republicans and Democrats together to support local causes.  We
appreciate the community leaders who have supported this event, both party organizations, and
the CLDF. all of whom have donated to help with expenses.


Pre-Game Prayer
Cameron Goodman, Junior Fellows
Cameron Catching
The "Crowd"

Cameron-Javon Collision
Trent Coots
Trent Running
Justin Veillon
Justin Catching
YMCA Sack Race
YMCA Dance
YMCA Dance
Nathan Brown
Nate Catching
Nathan Brown
Nate Catching
Russell Martinez
Russell Running
Blake Roach, Junior Fellows
Blake Catching
Democrats, Republicans
John Holcombe Presentation
Holcombe Presentation 

YMCA Presentation
Democratic Team
Ryan Brim, Laken Jenkins, Megan Bryant
Laken, Ryan, Megan


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