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LSC Art Exhibit

Huntsville: Past, Present, Future

The Political Science Junior Fellows are working with Huntsville Main Street to celebrate
the community's rich history. We have combed through thousands of photographs
and are working to re-stage and replicate the shots. The result, we hope, is a visual
biography of the city, with a special emphasis on the University Corridor area.

The University Corridor area is an especially appropriate area to highlight. As the city's most
recent historical survey indicated, it has the highest concentration of historically important
buildings. Four of Huntsville's mayors and three of SHSU's Presidents have lived
in this six-block area.

We are especially thankful for the help of the following individuals:

Scott Bruce (art work)
Laura Burleson (renderings)
Dominic Fazarro (renderings)
Melody Gathright (photography)
James Patton (history lessons)
Linda Pease (logistics)
Dena Shipley (photography)
Mac Woodward (history lessons)

Below you'll find examples of the material in the gallery:

Posse in front Walker County Jail, 1885

Sheriff McRae's SWAT team in front of Old Walker County Jail, 2008.


The Political Science Junior Fellows with the SWAT Team and Sheriff McRae


Berry Home, 1940: Corner of
14th and University

Berry Home, 2008:
Corner of 14th and University


15th Street looking east in 1983. Beyond "Chicos" the Ashford home (left) and the Pace home (right) can be seen. The Pace home burned the year this photograph was taken.

15th Street looking east in 2008. Chicos is now Sprint. The Ashford home, undergoing renovation, is still visible. The Pace home was replaced by an even older home that was moved to this site.



Former SHSU President Harry Estill watches a game of tug of war in 1940. He is standing outside of his home on University Ave, in between 16th and 17th street.

President James Gaertner watches three SHSU students play a game of tug of war. The site is the location of Estill's home, now the Episcopal Student Center.


The Josey King House. Circa 1915.

The Josey-King House, 2008.


Four girls with umbrellas, 1915.
The tennis courts at SHSU
were then located near
Old Main.

Four members of the women's tennis team, 2008. Photograph by Dena Shipley.


Random Interesting Pictures

The Gaertners on a porch swing.

James Patton on the Gibbs-Powell Porch

Nancy Gaertner at Austin Hall


Gene Pipes, Blake Roach, Mac Woodward, and Ademide Adedokun on top of the SH Memorial Museum