New Politics Forum
June 4th-6th
Austin, TX

The Junior Fellows led another trip to Austin, Texas to participate in the New Politics Forum. This is the
sixth year the students have participated in this Forum. The conference was billed as a three-day
campaign bootcamp. The students heard more than a dozen presentation on campaigning and, in fact,
created and presented their own campaign plans. During their spare time, they also visited
tourists sites, historic homes, and government offices.


The students visited numerous historic homes in and around the Austin area.

Reeves-Womack Home, Caldwell

Dickinson Home, Austin

Church, Driftwood

Littlefield House, Austin

Neill-Cochran House, Austin

O. Henry House, Austin


The students also visited some of the tourist sites in Austin.

Keep Austin Weird!

The IRS Building that was hit by a plane on April 15th. North side.

The IRS Building that was hit by a plane on April 15th. East side.

Students wave to Kim McAuliffe, Director of Huntsville Main Street.

Anice Read Building, home of the Texas Main Street Headquarters.

Texas Supreme Court

Students in front of Sam Houston Statue

Bob Bullock Museum

Capitol Building at Night





Students listen to conference presenter

Emily Balanoff Introduces the Session

Emily Balanoff and Deborah Wise are not
"Bowling Alone."