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"Arriving at One Goal is the Starting Point..."

Welcome Back for the 2010-2011 Year!!! For More Information and Future Meeting Times, Visit NTSO on Blackboard or Facebook ...

Who is a non-traditional student @ SHSU?

This is the criteria...

If you are an undergraduate or master's student:

        • Are you 25 years or older?
        • Are you 17 years or younger?
        • Are you married?
        • Have you been out of school for years?
        • Are you returning to school after military service?
        • Are you a mom or a dad?
        • Or, just feel like you don't fit in with the college crowd?
Please, come join SHSU's rising star of organizations...

We welcome non-traditional students @ SHSU, faculty, staff, and their families to attend our meetings and events! Did you know that there are about 5,000 non-traditional students here @ SHSU? Together we are the size of a small city within this university! We don't feel like non-traditional students, but we are a large community on campus.

Our meetings are filled with fun conversations and provide an opportunity for building new friendships. At some meetings there will be an educational guest speaker discussing a topic or issue that specifically relates to the non-traditional student. Come relax, make friends, enjoy, and just have fun. Greetings and welcome!

NTSO Tailgate Party - September 2009!

We welcome your ideas, please email us!

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