Theme Night

Skit Night allows Potential New Members to accept invitations to the parties they want to attend. Each sorority will have an entertaining skit to further acclimate the Potential New Members with the aspects, talents, and attributes of their chapter. In this round you will be able to start seeing how well you would fit in as a member of that chapter. Pay attention to everything going on during this round because this is the round where you begin to make your choice about your future in the SHSU Greek Community.

What to Wear:

Business casual attire is the look to go for this round. Nice pants, skirts, or simple dresses are recommended. Dress conservatively.

Helpful Hints for Theme Night:

* Confide in your Recruitment Guides. They are here for you so feel free to discuss any problems with them.
* Take the time to really get to know the members.
* Don't feel stressed out and try not to be swayed by other people's opinions about certain chapters. You will make friends no matter what sorority you choose!
* Have fun! This is a fun round, so enjoy it!

What to Ask During Theme Night:

* What kind of activities does your chapter do? Retreats? Socials? Sisterhood?
* What are your academic requirements?

What to Ask Yourself:

* Can I see myself as a sister in this chapter?
* Does this chapter hold values similar to my own?
* Am I comfortable when I talk with the members of this chapter? * Are conversations easy and natural?