Brag Night

Brag / Philanthropy night is designed to introduce you to the many aspects of Greek life. During this day each Potential New Member will visit every sorority house to learn more about what they do and what a sorority is all about. This is the most laid-back and informal day. It is your chance to let every chapter know who you are.

What to wear:

This will be your most casual day. A t-shirt will be given to you to wear with capris, khaki pants, or a casual skirt would be good for this day. Comfortable shoes are also important because this is the longest day.

Helpful Hints:

*Be confident in yourself!
*Have an open mind. All four chapters at SHSU have something positive and unique to offer their members.
*Be careful with first impressions..they can often be misleading. Don't judge a whole organization by just one or two individuals. Give each chapter a fair evaluation by looking at all aspects.

What to ask the chapters:

*What do you like most about Greek community?
*How has your sorority involvement enhanced your time at SHSU?
*In your opinion, what are the greatest attributes of your chapter as an organization?
*What type of financial responsibility is required?
*What types of events or fundraising do you have to benefit your philanthrophy?
*What is your favorite sorority memory?

What to ask yourself:

*What appealed to me about this group to me?
*What is the most interesting thing I learned about each chapter?
*Which chapter makes me feel the most comfortable?
*How do the chapter's programs and activities fit with my personal interests and abilities?