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Titles and Ranks of Hapkido

Basics of Ranking System:

    There are two levels of rank classification in Hap Ki Do:

    1.    The Kub/Gup or grade holder.
    2.    The Dan or degree holder (black belt).

Gup holders are novices who are in the process of learning the fundamentals of Hapkido.  Dan holders wear the black belt, and though they have comprehended the basic elements of Hapkido, they are still learning.  First Dan through Third Dan ranks are considered students who are in the process of mastering some of the more refined elements of Hapkido.  On reaching 4th Dan, the practitioner may be considered for instructor status.

Below are the names of the Black Belt (Dan) ranks:

Dan Korean Name Description
for Choi Yung-Sul
rank recognized by most Hapkido organizations; requires approximately 40 years of training and teaching.
- Grandmaster (instructor of instructors) - must have studnet who attains rank of 5th Dan before being promoted to 8th Dan.
Sak Sa Bum Nim
Sak Sa Bum Nim
Bum Nim -Instructor
Bum Nim -Instructor
Sa Bum Nim -Assistant Instructor