History of Gamma Phi Delta Christian Fraternity Inc.
"Delta numbers Chapter"


    In the fall of 1995 a brother by the name of Emmanual Maxwell introduced Kelivin James the national President of Gamma Phi Delta to a brotherhood meeting consisting of ten to fifteen God fearing men on the Sam Houston Campus.  The meeting took place every Thursday night at Logan place Apartments # 219, where Brother Marcus King resided.  The news of brothers that were on fire for the Lord sparked Kelvin's attention, with lead to an imformative meeting with the brothers of the brotherhood bible study af ew weeks later.  During the imformative meeting the purpose of the fraternity was explained to the brothers, and at the conclusion of the meeting both the brothers and the national president came to an agreement and imformation was enchanged.

    In the spring 1996 the national president of Gamma Phi Delta and a members from other chapters came to Sam Houston and the first day of the orientation took place.  Within the next month the new chapter of Gamma Phi Delta was formed,"DELTA NUMBERS."  The charter line consisted of as follows: Rev. Marcus King, Brother Emmanuel Maxwell, Rev. Stevonne Hollie, Brother Willie Whiteside, Rev. Sean Wilburn (which is now a Pastor of "God's Way Christian Outreach Center), and Rev. Theadus Ferrell.  These brothers started the ministry of the Delta Numbers Chapter on the Sam Houston Campus.
                                                       Spring 1996 Officers
                                          * President              Marcus King

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