The Fraternal Order of Classy Gentlemen was founded on the campus of Butler University in 1936 under the affiliation of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.  The Classy Gentlemen of Sigma Rhomeo Fraternity, Inc. was established on the campus of Prairie View A&M University, in the year 1980, in efforts to fulfill the accomplishments of the Greek lettered Sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho Inc.  In the fall of 1990, all Greek organizations disbanded their affiliates.  As a result our name was changed to The Fraternal Order of Sigma Rhomeo Fraternity, Inc., in order to continue functioning as a social and cultural vehicle at universities.  The purpose of the Elite young men was to enhance brotherhood, social awareness, participation, and development, through social programs. This was prepared to strengthen the University's educational and cultural objectives.
    The Classy Gentlemen of Sigma Rhomeo Fraternity, Inc. has marked well in changing the University's atmosphere and controversial nature of the fraternal system. The Classy Gents have realized the necessity for responsible behavior and sincere contributions for combined objectives of public image and personal growth. The Classy Gents established itself as an instrument of intellectual attainment, creativity, and academic excellence. The social function of the Classy Gents provides a variety of social situations to prepare its members for social awareness and maturity, which in return provides the vehicle whereby lasting friendships are built through fraternity life.

"The Elites"

Charles Burleson
Lowell Washington
Fredrick Wells
Algie Armstead
Lance Wyndon
Jimmy Williams

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