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To schedule an appointment with any of the following tutors, call Katie at 936.294.1615.

Project CONNECT provides free tutoring services to participants in our program only. If you are not a participant and would like to apply, please fill out our application.

Current Staff Tutors

Staff tutors have regular office hours.


Aida Aparicio Bautista

Aida can tutor:

  • BIOL 1308/1108
  • BIOL 1311/1111
  • BIOL 1313/1113
  • BIOL 1436
  • BIOL 2440
  • CHEM 1406
  • CHEM 1407
  • CHEM 1411
  • CHEM 1412
  • CHEM 2323/2123
  • CHEM 2325/2125
  • CHEM 2401
  • CRIJ 2361
  • CRIJ 2362
  • MATH 1316
  • MATH 1420

Aida's Office Hours: none for summer

Hello my name is Aida Aparicio and I am a senior here is Sam Houston State University. I’m studying for a B.S. in Forensics Chemistry with minors in Biology and Criminal Justice. Not only am I a student but I am also a student assistant/tutor for Project CONNECT. Thanks to my major I been able to take many class that are difficult but at the same time help me to further help other students. I tutor chemistry, biology, trigonometry, calculus 1 and even some criminal justice. My goal is to help other students understand the material in any way I can. Now that I have said all the important information said its time to let you know how I am. I’m a very outgoing and understanding person so any time you need to cancel an appointment just shoot me an email. I’m just a simple person who wants to help students to do better.


Selenha Ramos

Selenha can tutor:

  • Edit Papers
  • CRIJ 2361
  • CRIJ 3350
  • CRIJ 3363
  • CRIJ 4383
  • ENGL 1301
  • ENGL 1302
  • HIST 1301
  • HIST 1302
  • KINE 2115
  • MUSI 2364
  • PHIL 2306
  • POLS 2301
  • POLS 2302
  • SPAN 1411
  • SPAN 1412
  • SPAN 2311
  • SPAN 2312
  • SPAN 3368

Selenha's Office Hours: none for summer

My name is Selenha and I am a senior here at Sam Houston State. I am majoring in Victim Studies with a minor in Spanish. Although I am fluent in Spanish, I decided to take it as my minor because I understand that it an important language in our society. With my major I plan to work in Child Protective Services or work with abused women and children. I love my major because I believe in helping other people who have struggled in the past should be something important. Some of my hobbies include shopping and listening to music. On my free time I like to read and play video games.
Starting school here at Sam, I had trouble with some of my classes and I didn’t know where to go to get help. So some classes became quite difficult for me. I would have been so grateful if I would have known about Project Connect and how they offer tutoring for students. I believe that helping each other is an essential part of our community as students. Now I have the opportunity to tutor students and help them with their courses. I will be tutoring Spanish (Elementary 1 and 2, Intermediate 1 and 2, Grammar and Composition, Conversational Spanish 1 and 2), Political Science (Public Policy), and English (Composition 1 and 2). I would be honored to tutor anyone who needs help, so don’t be afraid to ask!


Mercia Bakouetila

Mercia can tutor:

  • MATH 0331
  • MATH 0332
  • MATH 1314
  • MATH 1316
  • MATH 1384
  • MATH 1385
  • MATH 1410
  • MATH 1420
  • PHYS 1401
  • PHYS 1411

Mercia's Office Hours: by appointment only for summer. Project CONNECT students can call Katie at 936-294-1615 if they need math tutoring.

Hi, my name is Mercia and I’m majoring in Physics and Pre-Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. I love being outdoors, meeting new people, learning new languages and listening to music. When I’m not busy with school, I like to go on road trips with friends, work out or volunteer in non-profit organizations.
I am from a small country on the west coast of Africa called the Congo and when I first came here I felt a little bit overwhelmed and was happy to meet people that were willing to assist me and be patient with me learning English. I think it only made bigger my love for helping others. I tutor mainly mathematics (Algebra, calculus, trigonometry, etc.) but I can also tutor lower level Physics classes. I really look forward to working with anyone that needs help with these courses!



Regular Tutors

Regular tutors don't have set tutoring hours. The participant and the tutor pick a meeting time and location that works with both their schedules.


Contract Tutors

Contract tutors cover subjects that aren't in high demand and don't need a regular or staff tutor. Contract Tutors cannot be employed with SHSU.


How to Become a Tutor

Any open positions for staff tutors (regular hours, usually 10-20 hours/week) will be posted to Jobs4Kats. This is a College of Education job.

If you would like to be a contract tutor (no regular hours, you choose your own schedule for appointments) for Project CONNECT, call Katie at 936.294.1615.

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