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Center for Leadership and Service



21st Century Community Learning Center - Scott Johnson Elementary

603 Highway 190 East, Huntsville, TX 77340 (map) | (936) 293-2866


This program supports the creation of community learning centers that provide academic enrichment opportunities during non-school hours for children, particularly students who attend high-poverty and low-performing schools. Centers are also located at other Huntsville Elementary and Intermediate schools.

Volunteer Opportunities: Help with enrichment activities, arts and crafts, physical fitness, Wii stations, aerobics for students and parents, implement music activities, master gardening, tutorials, assist with homework and school projects, mentor buddy system, ESL tutoring and other various activities.

Volunteer Requirements: Interview, Orientation/Training and Background Check.

Volunteer Coordinator Contact: Amber Young at (936) 661-9492 or

ayoung@huntsville-isd.org. For other HISD centers, contact schools directly.


Communities In Schools

828 9th Street, Huntsville, TX 77320 (map) | (936) 293-2782 | www.ciset.org


To help young people of Texas stay in school, successfully learn and prepare for life by coordinating the connection of needed community resources in the school setting.

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers at the school should have a positive attitude for working with children (12 - 16 year olds), provide positive mentoring services and conduct their self as a role model. Volunteers will work closely with CIS Youth Coordinator and have the option to attend events such as school dances or field trips. Chaperones will be called to work events and must conduct their self as a role model and redirect children in a positive manner when misbehaving.

Volunteer Requirements: Must be able to take and pass 2 Background Checks for Mance Park Middle School and Communities in Schools.

Volunteer Coordinator Contact: Tiffany Brown at tiffany.brown@ciset.org or tbrown@huntsville-isd.org


Gibbs Pre K

441 FM, 2821 East, Huntsville, TX 77320 (map) | (936) 293-2827 | huntsville-isd.org


We strive to meet the needs of our children by helping them reach their full potential through a caring and nurturing school family environment.

Volunteer Opportunities: Help by working with the children and teachers in and out of the classroom. Assist with special events such as Easter Egg Hunt, Rodeo Day, Fall Fest and others.

Volunteer Requirements: Application and Background Check.

Volunteer Coordinator Contact: Marcia Townsend at mtownsend@huntsville-isd.org


Huntsville Elementary

87 Martin Luther King Drive, Huntsville, TX 77320 (map) | (936) 293-2888 | huntsville-isd.org/hes/ knicks@huntsville-isd.org


It's all about success at Huntsville Elementary School.

Volunteer Opportunities: Help in and around the school. Assist in the front office, help teachers, volunteer for lunch duty (11:00 am - 1:15 pm) and help with special school events.

Volunteer Requirements: Interview and Background Check.

Volunteer Coordinator Contact: Koren Nicks.


Mance Park Middle School

1010 8th Street, Huntsville, TX 77320 (map) | (936) 293-2755 | huntsville-isd.org | ipurvis@huntsville-isd.org


For our children's unlimited success, foster relationships with our students, parents and community to support the growth of the students at Mance Park Middle School.

Volunteer Opportunities: Assist by supervising after school clubs or mentor one-on-one.

Volunteer Requirements: Application (fill out online), Orientation/Training and Background Check.

Volunteer Coordinator Contact: Sonia Dial at sdial@huntsville-isd.org, Lisa Holbrook at lholbrook@huntsville-isd.org, Amanda Leland at aleland@huntsville-isd.org, Shelly Petkovsek at spetkovsek@huntsville-isd.org, Ingrid Purvis at ipurvis@huntsville-isd.org, Amber Gamble at agamble@huntsville-isd.org, Chris Price at cprice@huntsville-isd.org, Meagan Weidenbenner at mweidenbenner@huntsville-isd.org, or Josiah Bone at jbone@huntsville-isd.org.


Samuel W. Houston Elementary

1641 7th Street, Huntsville, TX 77340 (map) | (936) 439-1200 | huntsville-isd.org | jphillips@huntsville-isd.org


Where we are growing our future. .. Together!

Volunteer Opportunities: Help read to students, listen to students read, assist with centers in the classroom and assist teachers with anything else that is needed. Also, assisting in the office area, library, and with classes such as art, physical education and music.

Volunteer Requirements: Application. Orientation/Training and Background Check.

Volunteer Coordinator Contact: Judy Phillips.


Tomorrow's Promise

2817 Old Houston Road, Huntsville, TX 77340 (map) | (936) 435-0303 | tomprom.com | tpms1@msn.com


Provide excellent childcare services in an environment which provides a quality educational foundation for children while proliferating the development of gained self-awareness, increased problem solving skills and increases self-esteem.

Volunteer Opportunities: Helping children with homework, reading to the students, cleaning, yard work and school repairs.

Volunteer Requirements: Background Check and Fingerprinting.

Volunteer Coordinator Contact: Nichollette Newby at nrn002@shsu.edu



Literacy Volunteers of America - Montgomery County

412 W Phillips Street, Suite 125, Conroe, TX 77301 | (936) 494-0635 | lvamc.org | literacymc@yahoo.com


To engage, educate, and empower our community to fight poverty and improve the quality of life through adult literacy.

LVA provides Adult Basic English classes, English as a Second Language classes, pre-GED and GED preparation.

Volunteer Opportunities: Tutors needed to teach English to adult students, based on the goals determined by the students.  Tutors usually meet their students twice a week for at least an hour, over several months, until the student reaches his/her goals.  Tutors could work together with a small class of students as well.

Volunteer Requirements: Application, Interview, Orientation/Training

Volunteer Coordinator Contact: Laura Davis, Program Manager at (936) 494-0635 or literacymc@yahoo.com.




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