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Center for Leadership and Service



New Danville

10951 Shepard Hill Road, Willis, TX 77318 (map) | (936) 344-6200 |newdanville.org |info@newdanville.org


New Danville is a self-sustaining, master-planned integrated community where adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities can live, work and grow emotionally, socially and spiritually with their non-disabled peers.

Volunteer Opportunities: Help with the day program from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday; no experience necessary. Volunteers assist staff in programs: miniature horse therapy, gardening and landscaping, social skills training, woodworking, arts and crafts, sewing/quilting, drama/music and outings such as bowling and visiting the YMCA.

Volunteers can also help at Jazzy Junque, which is a store located in the Conroe Mall Outlet, Monday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Assist store staff with helping customers, cleaning and displaying merchandise.

Volunteer Requirements: Application, Interview (Phone) and Background Check.

Volunteer Coordinator Contact: Martha Haag at (713) 824-5462 or marthamh22@aol.com



Special Olympics Texas- Area 6

402 Simonton, Suite 125, Conroe, TX | (936) 756-6906 | sotx.org | rbaldwin@sotx.org


To provide year-round sports training and olympic-type competitions for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Volunteer Opportunities: Assisting at competitions and events, coaching athletes, fundraising, office support, etc.

Volunteer Requirements: Application, Orientation/Training, Background Check (background check and application only required for long-term volunteers)

Volunteer Coordinator Contact: Rachell Baldwin at (936) 756-6906 or rbaldwin@sotx.org


Bridgewood Farms

11680 Rose Road, Conroe, TX 77303 (map) | (936) 856-6460 | bridgewoodfarms.org enid@bridgewoodfarms.org


Bridgewood Farms is the premier provider of programs and services in partnership with families and the community, enabling individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to reach their highest potential through training and life experiences that build self-esteem and promote personal independence.

Volunteer Opportunities: Help by participating in a variety of our programs with our Intellectually Disabled adults such as; Adult Basic Education (TX History, Reading, Science, Math and Life Skills), Ceramics, Pre Vocational Training, Horticulture, Health/Physical Education, Special Olympics (Bowling, Track/Field, Basketball, Golf, Cycling, Bocce and Unified Softball) and Fundraising Opportunities. Also, help at our Nearly New Resale store in Conroe.

Volunteer Requirements: Application, Confidentiality Agreement and Background Check.

Volunteer Coordinator Contact: Enid Goodman at (936) 856-6460 ext. 102 or enidgoodman66@yahoo.com


Easter Seals Greater Houston

731 W. Davis, Conroe, TX 77301 (map) | (936) 760-4179 | eastersealshouston.org


Provide services to help ensure that people with disabilities and their families have equal opportunities to live, learn, work and play in their communities.

Volunteer Opportunities: Assist with Family Day Out dates; usually the first Saturday of the month.

Volunteer Requirements: Application and Orientation/Training.

Volunteer Coordinator Contact: Kristie Carlisle at (936) 760-4179 ext. 472 or kcarlisle@eastersealshouston.org


Hidden Miracles Parent Network

3 Maple Mill Ct., Conroe, TX 77301| (936) 264-1672 | hiddenmiracles.org | hiddenmiracles@mac.com


To promote the value and dignity of people with Downs Syndrome (Trisomy 21) in the community.

Volunteer Opportunities: Need an individual to maintain and post current information for the website. Help is needed with social events including Spring Picnic, Summer Pool Party, Back to School Party and Christmas Party.

Volunteer Requirements: Interview

Volunteer Coordinator Contact: Adrienne Walsh at (936) 525-9171.


The Woodlands and Spring

SIRE- Houston's Equestrian Therapy Center

24161 Spring Drive, Hockley, TX | (281) 356-7588 | www.sire-htec.org | sireoffice@sire-htec.org


The mission of SIRE is the improve the quality of life for people with special needs through therapeutic horsemanship activities and therapies and educational outreach.

Volunteer Opportunities:

1. Be a SIDEWALKER – walk beside the clients as they ride to assist with balance and to reinforce the instructor’s directions. No horse experience needed.

2. Be a LEADER – lead the horse in the class, possibly groom and tack up the horse. Prior horse experience is necessary. Volunteers will work with the horses from the ground, not be asked to ride.

3. Volunteer outside the arena – fundraising, publicity, office help, special events, etc.
Arena volunteers (Leaders and Sidewalkers) must be at least 14 yrs. old and physically able to walk for 60 minutes, jog for short distances and support a modest weight. Attendance at an Orientation and Training session is also required. Horse Leaders must pass a tryout. 14 -17 yr. olds must have a parent/guardian sign the release.

You can volunteer for as little as 1 hour per week or as much as you want. SIRE has 12-14 week fall and spring semesters and a 6-week summer semester. We ask that arena volunteers commit to at least 1 hour/week for the entire semester. This is important because you will be part of a team, usually working with the same client each week. You will develop a rapport with the clients you work with and can help them to build on their accomplishments from week to week. If you cannot make this kind of commitment, you can be put on the substitute list, where regular volunteers will call you when they need to be absent.

Volunteer Requirements: Orientation/Training

Volunteer Coordinator Contact:

Hockley, TX- Kimberly, (281) 356-7588 ext. 209, kmcdonell@sire-htec.org
Richmond, TX- Maryann (281) 344-4308, mgerity@sire-htec.org
Spring, TX- Kathy (281) 353-6160, kbigelow@sire-htec.org


Home Place of Texas

5701 Louetta Road, Suite 400, Spring, TX 77379 (map) | (713) 447-7557 | hpotx.org jjones@homeplaceoftexas.org


We are a Christ-centered community for adults with disabilities. We build relationships with God and others through worship, work, education and recreation. Home Place of Texas is based on the principle that we are all "fearfully and wonderfully" made in the image of God.

Volunteer Opportunities: We would love to have various disciplines involved with Home Place, like
psychology, recreation, fitness, nutrition, sociology, education, technology, interior design, art, music, speech, physical and occupational therapy. Volunteers are needed in Day Program, Residential Program and Community Bible study. Assist teachers, teach a skill, prepare lesson materials, and chaperone field trips.  Day Program M-F, 9-4. Bible study is Wednesday 5-7. Residential after 4 and on weekends.

Volunteer Requirements: Application, Interview, Background Check, CPR and Random Drug Testing.

Volunteer Coordinator Contact: Kim Womack Degnan at (281) 257-1004 or kwomack@homeplaceoftexas.org




Dream Catcher Stables, Inc.

6115 Greens Road, Houston, TX 77032 (map) | (281) 216-3494 | dreamcatcherstables.org


To provide a place in perpetuity where people with disabilities can be successful, equal and capable growing to their maximum life’s potential through interaction with horses in a positive environment. We accomplish our mission by providing recreational, educational, and sport programming, including vocational/prevocational opportunities, to youth at risk and persons with disabilities. Individuals are accepted without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background.

Volunteer Opportunities: Help by assisting as a sidewalker, horse handler, in care for horses, facility maintenance and fundraising.

Volunteer Requirements: Application, Interview, Orientation/Training and Background Check.

Volunteer Coordinator Contact: Sanna Roling at (281) 216-3494 or sroling1@att.net


Kingwood, Texas

Village Learning and Achievement Center

3819 Plum Valley Drive, Kingwood, TX 77339 (map) | (281) 358-6172 | villagelac.org


Our mission is to create an environment that enables individuals with learning and developmental disabilities to reach their maximum potential. In addition to improving the well-being of individuals with disabilities, our goal is to celebrate and promote the spirit of inclusion in all aspects of human endeavor within our community.

Volunteer Opportunities: Help with ceramics and by accompanying our villagers on outings as an extra pair of eyes and ears and. Become a classroom helper - work in one of our classrooms assisting with a variety of tasks which may include reading, math, hand-over-hand learning and playing games such as bingo. Organic Gardener - our organic garden is located on the grounds of Village at Stoney Glen is a great place to spend time with our villagers helping them to learn new skills. Help with seasonal planting and routine maintenance. Stoney Glen - volunteers come in on Saturdays and Sundays to spend time with our villagers.

Volunteer Requirements: Application, Orientation/Training and Background Check.

Volunteer Coordinator Contact: Linda Hernandez at (281) 224-6823 or lhernandez@villagelac.org

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