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National Collegiate Leadership Conference

February 13-15, 2015 - University of Arizona

The Center for Leadership & Service will select a delegation of SHSU students to attend and present at the National Collegiate Leadership Conference, hosted by the University of Arizona, from Friday, February 13 – Sunday, February 15, 2015 at the campus in Tucson, Arizona.

NCLC is a student-run annual conference that serves as the cornerstone of the leadership experience and training for hundreds of college students across the nation. The philosophy of NCLC is that service, social justice, and leadership are all connected. Thus, the programming for this conference offers students a variety of opportunities to learn, understand, interact with, experience, participate in, engage in, and reflect on service, social justice, and leadership. The skills that students learn from this conference can be applicable in students' organizations, families, campuses, job settings, as well as local and global communities. You can learn more about the conference at http://nclc.orgsync.com/

Travel, hotel, and registration will be provided by the Center for Leadership and Service. Departure for the conference will be on Friday, February 13 at 7:00 AM; returning back to Huntsville on Sunday, February 15 by 11:00 PM



  • Applications are due to the Center for Leadership & Service, LSC 324A by 5:00 PM on Monday, September 29, 2014
  • To Apply
    • Fill out the NCLC Application
    • Typed responses - attach to application before turning in
      • In 1-2 page typed response, please answer the following questions:
        • Why are you interested in serving as a delegate for this conference?
        • How will you implement what you learn from the conference when you return to SHSU?
        • We want our delegates to present at NCLC. Please review the "Presenting at NCLC" section below. Then, provide a response with the workshop theme you would choose, a possible workshop title, and brief description of what you would like to present.
  • Candidates will be notified via email if selected to interview for the delegation by Tuesday September 30, 2014 at 5:00 PM. Interviews will take place October 2-3, 2014.


  • Attend mandatory participant meetings:
    • Monday, October 6 at 5:00pm, LSC 331
    • Presentation preparation meeting(s) and practice – scheduled during November & January/February
    • Monday, February 9 at 5:00pm, location TBA
    • Monday, February 23 at 5:00pm, location TBA
  • Provide a copy of your Driver’s License, Government Issued Identification Card, or Passport
  • Abide by expectations set forth by SHSU and the Center for Leadership & Service
  • Once selected and confirmed, delegates are responsible for following through with their commitment. If a delegate should fail to attend mandatory participant meetings and/or the conference, they may be subject to reimbursing the Center for Leadership & Service for the purchased airfare, hotel, and registration.


NCLC is student led conference that consists of workshops, service opportunities, and a case study competition. 1 -2 hour Workshops are facilitated by conference attendees, and we are challenging the SHSU delegation to present at this year's conference. Workshops can be presented alone or in teams, and once the delegation is selected we will discuss your proposals.

Workshop Focus Areas:

Leadership and Personal Development: Workshops in this category focus on developing your practical knowledge to better help you develop as a leader. (ex. leadership assessments, time management, goal setting, etc.)

Leadership and Groups: Workshops in this category focus on how to interact with others in a group setting. (ex. team building, conflict management, communication in groups, etc.)

Leadership for Civic Engagement: Workshops in this category focus on using leadership to raise awareness and involve others in giving back to your community. (ex. service, service learning, community development, etc.)

Leadership for Social Justice: Workshops in this category focus on understanding social justice issues and equality in the United States and the world. (ex. women's rights, LGBTQ, racism, classism, universal design, etc.)

Leadership and Technology: Workshops in this category focus on understanding how to be a leader in today’s technological world. (ex. social media, marketing, movies, television, other forms of media, etc.)

Leadership in the Professional World: Workshops in this category focus on learning how to navigate professional environments and situations. (ex. resume development, networking, etiquette, professional demeanor, etc.)

Leadership Fundamentals: Workshops in this category focus on the theories and models behind leadership. (ex. social change model, transactional leadership, relational leadership, history of leadership, etc.)

Leadership and Best Practices: Workshops in this category on sharing learning techniques, methods, and processes from people who have created successful programs, events, and initiatives


Examples of workshops that were presented last year:

Leading with Compassion

  • Presented by: Jillian Dyer and Sarah Baker, Columbus State Student Ambassador Leadership Program
  • Humans are hardwired for empathy, but compassion is a valuable attribute of a wise leader that is often overlooked. Discover why compassion and empathy are important traits to have and how you can apply them to your role as a leader.
  • Theme: Personal Leadership Development

Immigration Policies

  • Presented by Fausto Flores, Lilliane Salazar, Erick Aparicio and Wendy Ruiz, Pima Community College and Scholarships A-Z
  • This session will be about the immigration system in the United States. The purpose of the workshop is to inform participants about the positive and negative effects of the most outstanding immigration policies throughout the country; their similarities, their differences, and how they connect to each other.
  • Theme: Issues in Leadership

Self-Leadership: How to Lead Yourself before Leading Others

  • Self-Leadership is necessary for anyone who wants to become a leader. You cannot lead others until you first are able to lead yourself. In this workshop we will explore the concept of self-leadership in order to enable you to become the best leader you can possibly be.
  • Theme: Personal Leadership Development

If you have questions about applying for NCLC or want to talk through workshop ideas, our office is available to help. Stop by LSC 324A,contact us by phone at 936-294-3467 or email at cls@shsu.edu.



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